10 Heart Melting Illustrations That Make You Want To Be In Love Again.

Pratchaya Mahapauraya is someone you can go for sincere, day brightening, and sweet comics strips. Here are ten illustrations which will not only make you feel loved but also want to fall in love all over again.

1. If she loves you more than her pizza, marry her.

You might be missing the sacrifice of the last slice of pizza. Maybe you are the one who eats it or the one who watches. Share this with your loved on if you have done this.

I love you more than a pizza. Credit: Sundae Kid

2. Cold Kisses.

If you have kissed someone after the icecream lick, you know the taste of love.

Icecream Kisses. Credit: Sandae Kid

3. Smile more often.

Nothing’s is more special than the smile of your loved one. let your loved one know how beautiful their smile is now!

That Smile. Credit: Sundae Kid

4. The for that special one.

Sometimes all you need is a ‘Hi!’ from that special one.

Sometimes all you need is a Hi! Credit: Sundae Kid

5. She is my google.

You fall in love with the person who gives you the strawberry world you are searching for.

This was smooth. Credit: Sundae Kid

6. Love Travelling, with you.

It’s no fun getting places without your loved ones beside you. When are you planing the next trip?

The heart is melting, Send help. Credit: Sundae Kid

7. You are my view.

After all the fights, there are these times when small pickup lines by your lover make the day more beautiful

You are the view. Credit: Sundae Kid

8. Sometimes a little cheesy

Okay, maybe a little too much. Credit: Sunday Kid

9. You chose the right one.

You are he picked to be with, love and shop with.

yup, you. Credit: Sundae Kid

10. Those sweet replies.

Isn’t it the best thing in the world when some statements make the day brighter?

I like us. Credit: Sundae Kid.

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Based on materials from Pratchaya MahapaurayaSundae Kids

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