10 Rarely Known Facts About Scarlett Johansson


Ahead of the Black Widow release, we have quite a treat for the fans. Here we have a list of rarely known facts about Scarlett Johansson.

Get to know new absurd things as well as the things that Johansson likes and some, not so much. Let’s go!


Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter who is also an actor. You can definitely see the resemblance between them too. The pair also has two older siblings: Vanessa and Adrian.

Family Tree

Johansson is the great-niece of Phil Schlamberg. Now if you’re wondering who Phil Schlamberg is, we got you covered.

Schlamberg was a History maker as he was the last person to die in combat in World War II.

Drama Kween

The Black Widow actor was serious about her career in acting right from her childhood days. As a kid, she would stare at herself in the mirror, act, and make herself cry.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Directed by Joss Whedon
Shown: Scarlett Johansson (as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow)


Scarlett Johansson is extremely afraid of cockroaches and birds. She is also left-handed.

Hair Craze

Johansson is naturally a darker blonde. But the actor likes her hair in a lighter blonde. She often dyes it white blonde.

But the crazy thing is, the actor would take a clip of her father’s hair (which is very light in color) to the salon as a dye color swatch!

Exes and More

Johansson has been in a number of high-profile relationships over the years. The actor has been in a relationship with teen heartthrob Josh Hartnett, music producer Jack Antonoff, and actor Jared Leto, just to name a few.

She was also married to Ryan Reynolds in 2008. However, the marriage did not last. She is now engaged to Saturday Night Live star Colin Jost.

Dye For You 2.0

Johansson fought for the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2. To show her true determination and commitment, the actor even went as far as to dye her lovely white locks red.

This even convinced the producers that she was right for the part.

Black Widow in Infinity War
Black Widow in Infinity War


Johansson picked up the habit of smoking rather early. The Black Widow actor has been smoking since she was 15 years old. She finds it quite difficult to kick the addiction.


Johansson does not like the nickname ScarJo at all! The actor has publicly stated her dislike for the name. She thinks that it sounds “violent,” and it reminds her of pop star nicknames.

Money Schmoney

Johansson is the highest-paid actress. Her estimated net worth tops out at a whopping $100 million.

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