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11 Photoshop Battles That Went Too Far (Photos)


Do you know the first photo to be photoshopped was the photo of the founder, John Knoll’s girlfriend, on the beach? It was called ” Jennifer in Paradise.” Since then, it has become a normal thing for people to photoshop their photos. Photoshop software has boosted the confidence of many people.

Nowadays, almost 90% of the photos we see on the internet are edited through Photoshop. People have found careers in Photoshop. They don’t use Photoshop only as a profession but also as a fun activity. They have been using Photoshop to create memes.

We have got you 11 Photoshop battles that you need to see for a good laugh.

1. This woman lining up with a book cover

2. This cat bathed in light from a stained glass window

3. This badass hawk

4. Girl with a blue cotton candy sugar high

5. A frog with snails on its head, resembling Princess Leia

6. A capybara with some squirrel monkeys

7. This fox smelling a flower

8. This alpaca judging your driving ability

9. This girl sitting on the edge of a cliff

10. Ronaldo angry at the referee during FIFA 2018 World Cup

11. The internet has its way with Miss America

Weren’t these photoshop battles worth watching? Do you have any photoshopped photos? Drop them in the comment box!

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