5 Best Warriors In Vinland Saga, Ranked

Here are the 5 best warriors in Vinland Saga, ranked.

Halfdan Uses Chains To Punish People

The wealthy landowner Halfdan is more interested in business than fighting. Though he would be insulted if any man suggested he is not a warrior. For self-defense or to punish people, Halfdan can whip around a chain with remarkable skill, and he can even wrap it around people’s heads.

Then, Halfdan can tear off chunks of skin or hair with the chain. Halfdan’s chain-style technique shouldn’t be underestimated, either, since it’s an unusual weapon that most Vikings aren’t trained to defend against.

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Bjorn Is Askeladd’s Loyal Follower & A Berserker

Bjorn is a deadly Viking warrior who serves under Askeladd. In fact, Bjorn is a berserker, a burly and powerful fighter who can consume certain mushrooms to go into a Hulk-like rage. He is skilled with a sword and basic Viking weapons but in berserker mode.

He’s nearly unstoppable and barely flinches at pain or injuries. It takes Vinland Saga’s most elite warriors of all to pacify him when he enters that state under Askeladd’s orders.

Thorfinn Karlsefni Emphasizes Speed & Knives In Every Fight

The antihero himself, Thorfinn Karlsefni, can’t match characters like Bjorn or Thorkell in sheer strength or durability. Instead, Thorfinn is all about agility, speed, and precision, and this makes him far deadlier.

In many Vinland Sagafight scenes, Thorfinn easily took down many larger men. He can even punch above his weight when facing Thorkell, though he must be careful to not take even one hit in return.

Askeladd Is Half Welsh, Half Viking, And 100% Deadly

Askeladd is both a villain and a father figure to Thorfinn, and there’s more to him than raiding and pillaging. He is also wise about the general flow of the world. He is also protective of the Welsh people since his beloved mother was from a Welsh kingdom.

Askeladd is a smart and practical leader, which is how he survived so long in war-torn England. He is also an elite warrior by any standard, wielding his sword with astonishing skill. He can easily fend off Thorfinn and other raiders, though he is wary of crossing blades with Thorkell.

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Thorkell Towers Over Most Other Vikings

The towering Thorkell is a veritable beast on the battlefield with his twin battle axes, his superhuman strength, and his sheer aggression and good instincts in battle. Thorkell can swing his axes and sweep aside dozens of armored men, and not even break a sweat doing so.

Thorkell longs for a true challenge, but with his kind of strength, he is often disappointed on the battlefield. He can even crush men barehanded and hurl heavy logs at the enemy, a feat no other Vinland Saga could replicate. He is also immensely durable and can fight through a lot of pain.

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