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5 Marvel Heroes Who Love Thor The Most



Thor is a very likeable hero from the Marvel Universe.

Who wouldn’t want to work with Thor? He’s all-powerful, hysterical, and he knows what a Bilgesnipe is. Here are a few heroes who would be pleased if they were paired up on a mission, one on one, with Thor.

5) Valkyrie

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Their relationship takes a while to warm up, but by the end of Thor: Ragnarok, Valkyrie and Thor are an extraordinary couple ready to fight for the future of Asgard. Thor even admits that he wanted to be a Valkyrie in his youth (which is a compliment from Odin’s son).

Valkyrie and Thor work well as Thor recognizes Valkyrie’s strengths, and her leadership ability, particularly when it comes to new Asgard.

4) Vision

Vision shocks everyone when he lifts Mjolnir in Age of Ultron. And our Thor is just in awe.

The pair gets to spend a lot of time together in Ultron, and they both play a significant role in bringing down the mad AI at the end. Add to that the incredible power of Vision, the appreciation of Thor’s skills and the irresistibility of the two, and there is very little not to love.

3) Black Widow

When the Widow falls through some of the decks of the Helicarrier with Bruce Banner in the first Avenger movie, Thor finally gives her some help when the big green man appears.

That alone earned respect from Natasha. The two continue to partner to calm Bruce through parts of Age of Ultron. The duo’s skills do not only go along (brains and brawn), but Natasha has a special feeling for Bruce, and Thor can help, meaning that Thor has a special place in the heart of a Black Widow.

2) Hulk

Hulk’s Love Tap in Avengers (where he punches Thor), the two strongest Avengers have an exceptional bond. In the first film, Thor helps prevent Hulk from harming Natasha, and in Thor: Ragnarok is thrilled to find Hulk in the Grand Master arena.

As much as Thor loves Hulk, he admires Bruce and his knowledge. They are one of the best comic pairs in the entire MCU as they try to escape the Grandmaster. And Thor can put him in check, and Bruce can certainly respect the fact that he and the big green guy are both willing to speak in equal terms.

1) Black Panther

Black Panther and Thor have a lot in common. They are both from the outside world and the eldest sons of the ruling kings. Also the fact that Thor arrives at the right time in Avengers: Infinity War, to protect Wakanda, and T’challa certainly appreciates it (before he becomes a cloud of dust).

They will have plenty of time to talk if they ever meet when they don’t save the world’s oddities.

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