5 Surprising Things About Thor’s Anatomy That you Didn’t Know


When it comes to Thor’s anatomy, the magical Asgardian’s body may have more science to it than you thought.

The first thing to know about Thor’s anatomy is that, despite his appearance, it is really nothing like a normal human being. Though he wears the form of Blake, his true form is Asgardian. With dense flesh and bones and multi-ton strength, the Marvel guidebooks make it very clear that all Asgardians are more than humans when it comes to their physicality.

Flesh & Bones

Due to his special legacy as a son of Odin, or through his life-long adventures and training, Thor has succeeded in obtaining several orders of magnitude more potent than the other Asgardians. Most Asgardians can lift or press 25-30 tons, but Thor 100+, and can shred mountains and threaten planets with his strokes suggest that there is no limit to how powerful Asgardian can grow.



Thor seems to be as tough on the inside as he is on the outside because his magical nature makes him immune to all kinds of disease or virus. He has also walked through European villages suffering from the Black Death, and the villagers are sick by their beds. But this does not mean that any disease has been successful in hurting Thor.

When Ragnarok once threatened nine realms, Thor was under the influence of a magical disease that blew through his body’s defences. He noted that he had never been ill before, and he became more and more vulnerable over time. Even then, Thor managed to recover, and considering the time that Thor was moonlighting as a doctor, this may have been one of his underestimated abilities in his repertoire.

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As extraordinary Marvel can get about Thor’s biology, at the end of the day, magic is magic, and it gives Thor an incredible level of durability. Being God of Thunder gives him resistance to electrocution, and even traditional forms of heat damage, such as ice and fire, have little effect on the golden hair Avenger.

Even bizarre attacks like reality-warping or telepathic invasion have been shown to fight against Thor’s natural magical resistances. In an early adventure, the so-called Space Phantom was teleporting the Avengers to Limbo, the Space Phantom tried a trick on Thor, but Space Phantom was sent to Limbo instead.


Thor In Avengers: Endgame| Credits: Marvel Studios

On the all-encompassing, physical and magical superiority that Thor displays, even his sensory input far exceeds that of the average human being. A whole new set of colours and sounds are available to the senses of God of Thunder, and there is a magical sixth sense that cannot even be explained. In the Ultimate Universe, Thor was able to discern when others were using the power of lightning, and his status as God allowed him to hear the prayers of people around the world.

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Missing Parts

Throughout his entire life, Thor has had his teeth and eyes removed, his flesh torn and crucified. And yet, they always bounce back, completely reproducing if given enough time.

Of course, we are not saying that he’s never been dealt with lasting damage. Most famous one being when Thor’s arm was ripped off and eventually replaced with the arm of the Destroyer armour, and movie audiences know his MCU incarnation lost an eye. Rocket was luckily able to provide Thor with a bionic replacement, but given just how hardy his comic book counterpart is, don’t be taken aback if the original grows right back when we see Thor again.

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