6 Marvel Villains Spider-Man Never Fought

Spider-Man faced off against some of Marvel’s fiercest enemies. But he didn’t go against these villains.

Nevertheless, he is a brilliant Arachnid man. Even though he has been around for more than half a century, there are still some villains that Spidey can’t handle. Some of them from his native New York City. Here are six Marvel villains that Spider-Man never fought. 

6) Porcupine

A villain who wore battle armour with a tail that shot spikes? This is practically up the Web-Slinger’s alley. Right up there with other armoured criminals like the Rhino and the Vulture. Yet, this animal-named bad guy stayed away from Spidey.

He first appeared in Tales to Astonish, and he was a source of annoyance to the original Ant-Man and the Wasp. Later, was hired to join Doctor Doom to interrupt marriage of Reed Richards to Susan Storm. His later foes include the X-Men, Captain America and Iron Man. Things might have been different if they had encountered Spidey. Maybe the wall-crawler could turn him into something good. 

5) Blackwing

Here’s an example of a villain Big Apple counterpart Dare Devil tackled. Joseph Manfredi, who entered the Marvel universe in 1975, is the child of Silvermane. Daredevil, who was formerly an animal trainer for the Circus of Crime, defeated him later when he worked for HYDRA.

Looks like batman?

Blackwing collaborated with Spider-Man’s primary rival, Jack O’Lantern. Still, there was never a moment when Spidey met this man who was an expert trainer of mutant bats. Instead, Batwing fought against Captain America and the Falcon. Who knows how the war between bats and spiders would have turned? 

4) Metal Master

Spider-Man has not fought many aliens during his tenure as a superhero. This is the reason he never encountered the Metal Master. Had he met this manipulator of all things metal, Spidey would have reached other Earth-616 heroes.

The Hulk is one of those guys who tends to draw aliens into his zone. He did so with the Metal Master in the sixth issue of his comic book. At this point in the series, 1963, Green Goliath had witchcraft of intelligence so he could defeat the Metal Master by threatening him with a plastic gun. Come to think of it; this is what Spidey would have probably thought too. 

3) Count Nefaria

We’re not sure if Spider-Man’s encounter with Count Nefaria would be excellent. Wall-Crawler could easily have defeated him when he was introduced to the Avengers with above-average intelligence. It would have been a battle of wisdom between Nefaria and Peter. 

However, with the combined powers of the Living Laser, Tornado and Power Man, Spidey is outmatched. With an increase in his alert abilities, he still would not have been able to defeat the Super-Strength Nefaria in his immortal form. Better to leave it to Avengers and X-Men.

2) Galactus

Although Spidey was part of a group of heroes who fought against Galactus, he never fought the Almighty Space God one-on-one. 

We think the fight between Galactus and the Spidey would be extremely one-sided. Face it, Peter is smart, but he’s not intelligent like Reed Richards. In other words, he probably doesn’t have the knowledge to produce the Ultimate Nullifier. The only way he can defeat Galactus is to drown him with corny humour.

1) The Mandarin

Mandarin has been a thorn in Tony Stark’s eyes for decades. He can be equated with Kingpin in his criminal powers. The main difference is that Kingpin wants to rule New York City. Mandarin wants to… dare we say… rule the world. 

The thing is, Spider-Man is used to being global conquerors. He’s probably taken a lot of the time to be a hero, as he and Iron Man have a way of pushing Mandarin down a peg or two before they pair up to knock 

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