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7 Illustrations Every Girl Will Relate To in 2021


Credits: bella.illustration

We have adapted to the pandemic so well that it has got us like, “we are not living in fear anymore; we are living in faith. During these tough times, girls have found a way to cope up which is quite funny. There are few habits and situations that have united almost all the women in this world. Girls will be girls. We present to you 7 illustrations by Bella Sriwantana showing different relatable experiences of every girl..”

1. Getting Ready For Nothing

Pandemic taught us to be extra. If you can slay at home, then what’s the need of going out?

Credits: bella.illustration

2. Mirror at Store v/s Mirror at Home

Wait, no. It’s not the same dress I bought. Is it?

Credits: bella.illustration


3. The Mask

Masks are good for the days you look ugly, bad for the days when you want to slay.

Credits: bella.illustration

4. Just One More Video

The time goes by so fast when we are doing things we love, and we love TikTok videos.

Credits: bella.illustration

5. Online Shopping

Savings, what? We only live once.

Credits: bella.illustration

6. The Strawberry Dress

The only berries universally acceptable are strawberries on a dress by Lirika Matoshi. We all want this dress!

Credits: bella.illustration

7. New Year, New Me

I tried so hard and I got so far. In the end it doesn’t even matter because I give up.

Credits: bella.illustration

“You don’t need any reason to shine. Shine for yourself.” We hope this article made you smile. If you find this article relatable, then share it with your friends and follow Bella Sriwantana. For more such content, visit us at


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