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7 Ways to Say I Love You


Credits: milkmochabear

Love has no language, form, or way to be expressed in. If love is freedom, then why bound it in mere words? With this thought in mind, we present to you 7 illustrations by Milk & Mocha Bear that show different ways to say ‘ I love you’.

1. Comfort Them

Sometimes we need someone to be by our side. Their presence is enough to bring us warmth and comfort.

Credits: milkmochabear

2. Hug Them

It is a safe place, be it a bear hug or a koala hug.

Credits: milkmochabear

3. Kiss Them

Kisses are amazing. But what’s even better? Surprise Kisses!

Credits: milkmochabear

4. Text Them

Isn’t it amazing when they text us, and in our heads, we know exactly how they’re saying it in their voices? Just amazing.

Credits: milkmochabear

5. Listen to Them

Show them you care. Sometimes we want someone to listen to us.

Credits: milkmochabear

6. Flex Them to The World

Aren’t we all so proud of the people we love? Yes, we are! Show the world what you have got, ‘The Best‘.

Credits: milkmochabear

7. Share Your Food with Them

Sharing is caring. You know, right?

Credits: milkmochabear

…in other words, I love you. Tell them that you love them right away. Life is too short. Today is all we have got.

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P.S. We love you 3000

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