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9 Times People Made Surprising Discoveries in Ordinary Objects

Who doesn’t like discoveries? Don’t you love it when small discoveries leave you shocked? Everybody likes discovering a cool feature in your mobile phone, finding an old toy, etc.

We got you 9 surprising discovering by people in their homes and surrounding that will make you say, “Woah!”

1. “My grandma’s Chinese teacups let you see a woman’s face when you put them against the light.”

2. “This bag of grass seed I left out for a couple of months”

3. “Cleaned out the attic and discovered rats had eaten my ’81 Dodgers baseball — Fernando, LaSorda, Stewart, Sax, Koufax…”


4. “My co-worker found this in his backyard.”

5. “This coat hanger used by flight attendants has a display for showing which seat the coat’s owner is sitting in.”

6. “As I don’t have a surname, the bank decided to give me one.”

7. “My fingerprint is a little messed up from when I burned it as a baby.”

8. The gate allows horses but not vehicles.

9. The walls in this old coffeehouse have shadows where people used to sit.

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