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After 9 Movies, Spider-Man Finally Had A Classic Comic Problem


With his second standalone movie in MCU, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) has come round a problem that he used to face in comic books.

Spider-Man fans are much fond of his Spider-sense and wall-crawling abilities so far. As of his spidey nature, Spider-Man is well known for his webs.

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The Common Comic Issue of Spider-Man.

The latest Spider-Man flick is Spider-Man: Far From Home, featuring after effects of “The Blip.” For the final fight in London with Mysterio and his drone army, Spider-Man constructs his new Advanced Suit and re-configures his web shooters.

Being fully prepared, Spider-Man begins assaulting Mysterio’s plans. He starts destroying his illusions and machines with his web lines.

At a moment when Spider-Man tries to climb Tower Bridge, he realizes that he has completely run out of webbing. For now, he is forced to create another route upwards.

This Spider-Man moment looks like as if its a little problem to discuss, but Spider-Man fans know that its a classic Spidey problem.

Spider-Man has used his webbings a lot of time like while, extensive canon, typically mid-way or like an animated series, mid-battle.

But till now, no Spider-Man movie so far has showcased this spidey trope, other than Far From Home.

After three live-action franchise, Spider-Man and his world have changed, along with the way he webs his webbings.

Spidey’s tradition got a change from Spidey tradition, with the spider-bite granting Peter the ability to produce strands organically from his wrists with Sam Raimi’s trilogy.

Marc Webb’s subsequent, short-lived duology hewed closer to the comics and saw Peter purchasing Oscorp’s Biocable to fire through devices of his own design.

But the MCU’s iteration is undoubtedly the truest to the character, with Peter inventing both the substance and the web-shooters themselves.

Considering all the Spider-Man movies, his web has failed five time so far and none on the case is due to his classic problem.

The Amazing Spider-Man’s third act saw the Web-head at a disadvantage when his shooters were crushed by the Lizard.

Plus, Spidey’s newer models were overloaded by Electro’s (Jamie Foxx) lightning during their first confrontation in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Though Spider-Man: Far From Home provides a great link to his massive mythos, it still matters of discussion whether his web cartridges got empty or it was intended to reference his common comic problem.

Spider-Man in the Far From Home

Peter’s mistake in Far From Home means that the subsequent fight with Mysterio is much harder without his signature webs.

Certainly, it also humanizes an already relatable hero, with Spider-Man being unable to catch a break, even though he’s trying to do the right thing by stopping Mysterio.

Further int he movie, the mid-credit show Quentin Beck aka Mysterio played by Jake Gyllenhaal meeting JK Simmons’ J Jonah Jameson himself.

And it looks like this featuring could support the multi-verse thing.

A direct-connection to original Spider-Man Universe. Spider-Man: Far From Home affectionately tributes and remixes every facet of the wall-crawler’s history. it’s likely that other Spidey tropes will emerge – alongside his penchant for running out of webs.

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