All About Love In Thor: Love And Thunder

When Will Thor: Love and Thunder Begin Streaming On Disney+?

Hey, did you know that “Thor: Love and Thunder,” the fourth installment in the Norse God of Thunder’s solo MCU adventures, is coming out soon?

It’s important to remind everyone, apparently, because that’s exactly what Marvel is doing. At the dawn of July, the studio dropped a final trailer, just in case anyone forgot that Thor is slated to do glorious battle with a former Batman (yes, that means Christian Bale) on July 8th.

In previous trailers, viewers were treated to the fact that Thor is clearly still in love with Jane Foster  who is now the Mighty Thor with her ridiculously cool shattered Mjolnir. That, along with the title of the film, has long suggested that Thor’s newest movie will heavily, or least partially, revolve around his swooning heart. In this, the most recent trailer, there’s a quick glimpse of the two Thors holding hands. Well, sort of. They’re actually doing the “holding pinky fingers” thing, which is arguably the cutest way to hold hands.

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Thor and Mighty Thor holding hands

Since it’s in the same black and white scale that the well publicized battle with Gorr is in, it’s probably a moment of camaraderie between the two as they mentally prepare to fight for their lives. After all, anyone known as the God Butcher would probably stir a bit of tension in a pair of Thors, so it might simply be them reaching out for some small modicum of comfort. With that dark thought in mind, it’s still an incredibly tender, loving gesture that’s rarely seen in cinema, let alone being utilized by shredded Norse deities. It’s just really, really touching.

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