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All About Morbius And The Spider-Man Drama



Somewhere in the multiverse, Sony Pictures probably released “Morbius” to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Unfortunately, if you’re reading this, you are very much part of a universe in which critics blessed “Morbius” with an average score of a mere 17% on Rotten Tomatoes. While general audience scores have been somewhat more forgiving at 69%, neither number is overly indicative of a beloved movie.

For many comic book fans, the hardest part of accepting this result is the extended run-up to this particular film’s release. Originally set for a release date of July 2020, “Morbius” sadly became one of cinema’s most-delayed films as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. After more than two years of reviewing the exact same teaser trailer, its understandable why some comic book fans would enter the theater with a certain set of expectations.

Unfortunately, many moviegoers have reported disappointment at discovering that the theatrical version of “Morbius” is missing a notable scene from the film’s first teaser trailer.

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Daniel Espinosa says he did not work on the trailer

The first sizable piece of marketing for “Morbius” teased a direct connection between the film’s title character and Spider-Man, an idea that perplexed and delighted many fans. Indeed, the shot of a Spider-Man mural with the words “murderer” graffitied over it quickly became one of the most-talked-about sequences of that trailer. Sadly, despite the considerable hype around the scene, this shot ultimately did not even make its way into the actual movie.

During an interview with Sean O’Connell at CinemaBlend, “Morbius” director Daniel Espinosa did his best to distance himself from the controversial topic of the missing Spider-Man “murderer” graphic.

“That image is only in the trailer,” Espinosa said, stressing that he did not play a role in the construction of the trailer. “So for me, as a director, I only do the movie.”

Espinosa went on to note that he has several “opinions and thoughts” about the shot from a fan’s perspective. However, the director opted not to share these thoughts. Indeed, more than anything else, Espinosa simply made clear that he played no role in the trailer’s inclusion of the Spider-Man mural.

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“It’s not mine,” Espinosa said. “It’s not from my idea, you know? I would love to be honest and responsible, but I can’t, because it’s not mine.”

Morbius” (sans Spider-Man) is currently playing in theaters.

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