All About “Super Daddy Chris Hemsworth” and His Kids


Playing with thunder in Marvel movie or playing with his three kids in the sea, in the house or in the sand, Chris Hemsworth is a delight. He becomes his goofy self when he is around his kids.


Chris Hemsworth and his Spanish actress wife, Elsa Pataky have three children. They met and married each other in 2010. They have one daughter India Rose who is 8 born in May 2012, and twin sons born in March 2014 named Sasha Hemsworth and Tristan Hemsworth.

Over the years, Chris Hemsworth has shared so many funny incidents about his kids in his interviews and talk shows. The twins were born in LA, where but India was born in London. Hemsworth decided that his kids wanted to have the same experience he and his brothers had growing up so shifted his family to Australia in 2015.


If you are a follower of him on Instagram, then you would definitely see him having absolute fun with his kids, surfing and dancing in the sand. Sometimes you get o also see some dangerous snake living in their bedroom and Chris making funny faces.

Chris, by the looks of it, is the perfect father. He is very rarely seen partying or roaming with his celebrity pals. He rushes home to his kids and friends back in Australia as soon as his work is done.

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The name India Rose Hemsworth is to show Chris and Elsa’s love for India. Chris has been seen saying so much about his twins. Sasha, as described by Chris is like a gangster. But Tristan is the emotional one. Even though Tristan is athletics, according to Chris, he has not a single aggressive bone in his body. Well, like father, like son.

India Rose Hemsworth

Chris has a very humble and down to earth person image off-screen and with every co-actor he has worked with. Adding the kids to the mix, it looks like he is perfect on all sides. The kids share their father and mother’s blond hair genes and are already a delight to look at. Frankly, I cannot wait for them to grow up and reveal things about their father like he does about them.

Chris might also have to answer Sasha’s question on why he had him named like that. If you still can’t process the fact that Chris is a really goofy father and a loving one at that, scroll through his Instagram and find it yourself! The recent post is his birthday post and read his caption to have a good laugh!

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