These Are The Characters Who Have Hosted Carnage


In the previous column, different avatars of Carnage, the red devil were discussed. Now, we discuss more of them. There is also a surprise for you fetchers. We all know how chaotic this red devil was, but his one form becomes a hero. So let us start without any further adieu.


Norman Osborne as Red Goblin


He was the most deadly and heinous villain of the spider-verse. After the secret empire storyline, Norman Osborne liberated the symbiote from S.H.I.E.L.D’s vault. Then Norman had the goblin serum in his veins but he was powerless.

Osborne and Carnage fused into Red Goblin. Till then carnage was only interested in mindless slaughter but his host helped him create more organized chaos.



He is also known as Bentley Whitman. He is a minor villain. His name came from his psionic powers. After a fight with the superior spider-man wizard was fatally injured. At this point, Carnage was bonded with Karl.

But after superior Carnage’s defeat, the symbiote fused with the Wizard. Eventually, they were separated by Claw. This bonding led to Wizard being healed.

Eddie Brock


This might come as a surprise but at one point in time, they both bonded as well. This fusion was short-lived. When Cletus was officially defeated, the rogue symbiote was almost completely absorbed by Eddie. Then he brock had the invitation to join the Avengers.

However, Eddie was unstable due to the presence of the red Clinton. Carnage was also gnawing at the psyche of Venom’s host and the former almost overpowered the latter. He could not think of anything so he went to the island where NULL resided.

At his point Carnage completely overpowered Brock but he was saved by the Avengers.

Scorn aka Tanis Nevis


This character is like a misnomer. There was a time when Carnage was ripped apart in space by Sentry. He fell to earth, though survived as he became dormant. His remains were retrieved and were used to create prosthetic limbs with the help of Dr. Tanis Nevis and Shriek (the main love interest of Carnage).

Eventually, the dormant symbiote in the prosthetic limb of Tanis awakens and took over her. In that process, Carnage gives birth to a child before returning to Cletus. The newborn Clinton bonds with Tanis and a new hero is created called Scorn. Here we are. She is the hero we were talking about when we started.

John Jonah Jameson


He was the warden of Carnage’s prison. He never tried to harm or cause problems for the devil symbiote. But when Carnage escaped through water pipes he made way to the warden’s room. They both were together for a brief moment before the symbiote left him and went on to possess spider-man.



Once Galactus consumed a planet with numerous symbiotes. Those symbiotes became part of the superior devil. And some of them were transferred to the Silver Surfer.

When the surfer came to this planet Carnage got hold of him from Cletus Kasady. This led to the eventual creation of Carnage Cosmic. But this bond was short-lived as the symbiote went back to human psycho as the letter was dying of stomach cancer.


Previously we discussed some of the hosts which were taken over by Carnage either forcefully or with their consent. The read devil had a short-lived association with some, while others were associated for a much longer duration. Click below to know them.


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