Among Us: How To Win As An Imposter

Lives are on the line in Among Us, where a crew needs to complete tasks and weed out Imposters before they get killed one by one. Innersloth’s 2018 game of cooperation and accusations rocketed to unexpected popularity in 2020 after it blew up on Twitch and YouTube, even inspiring fan gummy creations.

The strategies for playing as a crewmember are pretty straight forward. Complete tasks, don’t hang out in rooms with suspicious crewmates, and if you see something come out of a vent, say something! Playing as one of the Imposters requires a bit more finesse, however.

You need to blend in, making yourself seem like a valuable part of the team while looking for an opportunity to strike. Merely keeping a low profile doesn’t always do the trick, as silence in meetings can be just as suspicious as a false accusation.

Here are some tips for winning while playing as the Imposter in Among Us.

1. Play the board to win as the Imposter


If your not a confident liar, don’t worry: there’s a lot you can do in the Among Us to level the playing field for yourself and any other imposters on the map. One of the most important things you have to do in the game is to make everyone think you’re all on the same team. One of the best ways to do this is to fake tasks.

One of the crew’s most essential functions is completing tasks. So, if you can convincingly fake a task within sight of another player, you can gain their trust and build an alibi. Don’t be afraid to vent, either. While hopping out of a vent in front of another player is possibly one of the most suspicious things you can do in the game, don’t overlook the ability to fast travel to different parts of the ship. Just make sure the coast is clear before you come out.

Take advantage of the chaos in the game. Sabotage the lights, shut down the reactor, and lock doors to keep the crew from completing tasks while pulling off a stealthy kill. Just keep an eye out for cameras while you do.

2. Pit others against each other for an Imposter win


Even if you haven’t mastered slipping through vents or faking tasks in Among Us, you can still cause a lot of damage with a little deception. In meetings, your goal is to shift suspicion and frame innocent crew members.

Actively participate in emergency meetings. That doesn’t mean you should start shouting accusations, as that scattershot strategy is likely to backfire. Ask questions to make yourself seem new and less of a threat. Steer the conversation away from yourself. Crewmates make accusations all the time, so supporting someone else’s isn’t necessarily suspicious.

You can also try and trick a crewmate into trusting you. Little acts throughout the game — such as being trapped in a room with them and not killing them or even mentioning in a meeting that you saw them complete a task and that they are clear — could build goodwill that might tip a late-game vote.

There are plenty of Among Us settings variations that make these strategies increase or decrease in value, but in general, with a little sabotage and a lot of lying, you can win as the Imposter in Among Us.

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