Angelina Jolie in talks to star Marvel Studio’s Eternals

Now, you’ll be thinking what’s this? What has this got to do with Marvel? How is this related to Endgame?
Keep going, we’ll answer every question you have right now.
First of all beginning with an exciting news, if rumors are true “Angelina Jolie” has been roped in to star in MCU’s “The Eternals” the upcoming Marvel’s franchise after “The Avengers”.
We can’t contain our excitement thinking of Angelina Jolie making her Marvel debut, also can’t wait to know how many big names are going to feature in the franchise.

Any details regarding her role and plot is still under wraps and no one has a clue about it.

The eternals

“The Eternals” plotline in Comics

Dating as back as 1976, originally created by Jack Kirby. The story is set millions of years ago when cosmic beings i.e. also known as Celestials which are genetically experimented humans to make specially powered individuals: “The Eternals” alongside creating some negative elements.

The saga involves battles of both groups over the time. It is said that “The Eternals” fought with Greek, Roman and Norse deities then leaving earth to explore the stars after they grew tired of it.

Casting and Crew Details

If all goes right, Chloe Zhao from the fame of “The Rider” and “Songs my brothers taught me” has been roped to direct the first installment of the franchise. Script already developed and ready by cousins “Matthew and Ryan Firpo” as per MCU spokesman.
Producing it will be Marvel Studios chief “Kevin Feige”.

angelina jolie

Rumors and Speculations

Going by the sources at The Hollywood Reporter, one aspect to the story involves love story between Ikarisl: a man fueled by cosmic energy and Sersi: who relishes moving amongst humans. If that’s to be true, it is not too difficult to predict which role Angelina Jolie will be playing.

The Hashtag Show claims to know the full lineup of characters we’ll be going to see in the film.

Also, it is speculated that this franchise will mark the first appearance of Eros also known as Starfox, the brother of Thanos!
Let’s recall to the scene in Infinity War, where Red skull calls Thanos ” The son of A’lars “. Those who have read the comics know that it is an eternals name. Infact, it isn’t the first time MCU is trying to foreshadow the future events.

Angelina Jolie : What is she upto these days

This section is for all Jolie fans who want to know what projects is Jolie working on and when are they coming out. She, currently is starring in “Maleficent : Mistress of Evil” sequel to 2014 fantasy Maleficent.

Marvel Eternals

According to reports, the movie hits the theaters on October 18, which will mark the return of Angelina Jolie to the box office after hiatus of 4 years since 2015’s relationship drama By the Sea which tanked at the box office.

This will be her first superhero movie. Though it isn’t her first comic book adaption film, as she has already starred in Mark Miller’s Wanted.

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