Anime Characters Who Have Never Lost A Fight

In anime, a character is often defined by their most significant wins and most costly losses. Their battles have defined their personalities, with each defeat helping them to grow stronger. Here are some of the anime characters who had never lost a fight.

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Shanks: One Piece

Shanks is an emperor of the sea and one of the most powerful active pirates. Though appearing sparingly throughout the series, he has never been defeated despite the many risks he takes. For example, Shanks’ arrival at Marineford ended the fighting on both sides.

He was similarly unchallenged when arriving at the Five Elders doorstep. Although Shanks has been injured by Blackbeard and a sea king, neither has managed to defeat him in combat.

Levi: Attack On Titan

Levi Ackerman is well regarded as Paradis’ finest soldier. Between his numerous victories over Zeke, and overcoming dozens of Marleyan soldiers, few have impeded Levi from accomplishing his objectives. There are only two instances where Levi lost the upper hand, neither of which can be counted as a defeat.


Zeke detonated a thunder spear after being subdued, which allowed him to escape from the forest. Erwin also pinned Levi in Paradis’ underbelly, though considering that Levi wanted a better life, he joined the Scouts voluntarily. Levi has never let his allies down when examining his success in the context of a mission.

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All Might: My Hero Academia

All Might’s career as the Symbol Of Peace has been a successful one. His presence alone was enough to deter crime from Japan’s streets. Those who could not be intimidated were crushed in a matter of moments.

Since All Might understand his limits, his retirement ensures he’ll end his career positively. His only technical “loss” was in the training exercise against Bakugo and Deku. However, considering that his students did not actually take him down, it cannot be held against him.

Baki: Naruto

Although not particularly powerful, Baki was one of Naruto’s only villains to survive the series unscathed. This was mostly because the Sand Siblings enacted their village’s will on his behalf.

Baki’s most famous victory was against Hayate Gekko during the Chunin Exams’ intermission. By using his wind blade to break through his opponent’s defenses, he cut him down with a graceful stroke of his blade.

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Kizaru: One Piece

Despite his slothful and undisciplined mannerisms, Kizaru is extremely powerful. He is the only member of the original three admirals to have never been defeated. Considering that he volunteered to take on Big Mom and Kaido, it’s likely that Kizaru is much stronger than he would prefer his opponents to believe.

This was further demonstrated when clashing with and nearly overpowering Rayleigh during the battle for Sabaody Archipelago. His logia fruit grants him astronomically high aggressive and defensive potential.

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