Anime Families Anyone Would Wanna Be A Part Of

There are a lot of different kinds of families in anime. Whether big, small, nuclear, extended, related, or adopted, the family often plays a large role in characters’ backstories and who they are in an anime’s narrative present. Coming from a loving, supportive family can do wonders for a character. There are a few anime families we wish to join.

Castle Town DandelionCastle Town Dandelion: Anime Families We Wish To Join

Castle Town Dandelion follows the Sakurada family, who lives a normal life in a Japanese suburb. However, their dad is the king of the country and does his work at the castle. This unique upbringing makes the Sakurada siblings a lot more down-to-earth.

The heir to the throne will be chosen by the nation’s popular vote. Mr. Sakurada’s choice of rule-by-election shows more fairness to his children than the primogeniture typically practiced in powerful families. Even though all nine siblings are competing to become the ruler, there’s not a hint of antagonism among them.

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Spy x FamilySpy x Family

The dad is a super spy, the mom is an assassin, and the dog can tell the future. Anya Forger, a young telepath in hiding, and the main character of Spy x Family think that’s all great. What’s spectacular about the Forgers is how they care for each other even when they don’t think their relationships are “real.”

Even with their marriage being one of convenience, Loid and Yor do their best to support one another and be good parents to Anya. They certainly are happy ones, even with all the secrets.

Summer WarsSummer Wars

The Jinnouchi family from the Summer Wars movie is a large extended family headed by a matriarch, Sakae. The family is introduced when Kenji Koiso is brought to their family home by his classmate as her fake fiance.

The film can be summed up with Sakae’s words, “Never turn your back on family, especially when times are tough”. Though the members have their differences, they all come together to save the day.

Cardcaptor SakuraCardcaptor Sakura: Anime Families We Wish To Join

Sakura tries to keep her card-collecting magical girl adventures a secret and maintain the veneer of being a normal girl. But her family is a lot more aware of what she’s up to than she likes to believe. Though her mother, Nadeshiko, died when Sakura was young, her spirit is still alive in their home.

Touya likes to mess with her, but he makes it clear that he can be counted on when she’s in trouble. Her father, though frequently busy with work, cares deeply for his children and deceased wife.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon MaidMiss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime about an androgynous office lady. She accidentally invites a dragon to live in her house as a maid. Having Tohru living with her draws the attention of other dragons, including the young Kanna, who she takes in.

The love the Kobayashi family have for each other is clear. They are sensitive to each other. In the extraordinary, they stand up for each other. With their friends, both human and draconic, frequently coming to visit, it’s easy to see how warm and fun it would be to be considered part of their strange but loving family.

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