Boruto Anime: Kawaki Meets Boruto For The First Time!


Well, after a series of teasing and leaving us wanting for more, the Boruto anime decided to grace us with Kawaki’s entry.

The Debut of Kawaki!

With Kawaki and Boruto being two important characters of the manga, fans were waiting for his debut for a long time.

Now that Hidden Leaf knows that Kara has something bigger planned, Team 7 returns back confused as to what made Koji leave.

After seeing Ao being killed by Koji and seeing Mugino die, this trip has turned out more stressful for the young Genins than they thought.


Ruins of Battle


While Boruto and the gang walk confused from their fight with Kashin Koji, they get to see ruins of battle where the same robots that attacked them are seen shattered.

This indeed looks suspicious as the one that has battled these robots are far more powerful than these young Genins. They then finally end up near the crate where Kawaki is seen lying.

We know with everything that Kawaki has been through that he is not going to become best pals with Boruto. He has been through hell, and it will definitely take time for him to trust and heal.


What is Kara up to?


With the anime still keeping Kara’s plans under wrap, the tension is building around the fact that Kara is up to no good.

Jigen is still furious and is looking into who the traitors are, and now that the Hidden Leaf shinobi have found Kawaki, he will be taken to the village.

This means that there is a lot of danger awaiting the village now that they have something far more precious to Kara.


The Mark Has Been Revealed!


Another point to note here is our curious Boruto looks into a sleeping Kawaki, and the first thing he notes is that he has the same mark as Kawaki.

So, we know that no matter what is about to happen, Boruto is not going to leave Kawaki alone until he clearly finds out what the mark in his hands mean.

This means that Konohamaru has another brat to take care of because, from what we know, Kawaki won’t become best buds with Boruto with just a handshake.


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