Anime Los Angeles Reschedules the Event to January 2022


Anime Los Angeles, which attracts thousands of Americans every year, has been canceled for the year 2021.

Pandemic Halt

The anime convention, which was supposes to take place in Los Angeles, California, in January 2021, has been canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Every year, fans of anime from across America move towards California for the best anime convention the states has to offer. But now, as a safety precaution, the event has been canceled. 2020 is not the only worst year; looks like half of 2021 will go as bad as 2020.


There is no vaccine still available, and even if there is, it will be available to the common folks only by next Summer or later. So, there is no way Anime Los Angeles can conduct its event in January without becoming a hotspot for the virus’s spread.

New Venue it is!!

Anime Los Angeles announced on its website and its Twitter account that the event for 2021 is canceled and that it has been postponed to January 6 to 9 of 2022. The venue of the event has also been changed to Long Beach Convention Centre, CA.

The event management has announced that tickets purchased for 2021 will be directly moved to 2022. The website will handle the cancellation of the tickets, but the refunding of tickets might be impossible. The event company is already booking a new venue and shifting everything they have planned with the already received ticket money and, in the process, losing a lot of money too, so refunding is an impossible task.

Be Compassionate, Folks



But fear not; they have a solution for those who have plans for January 2022 or might think it is too far to commit. To those who want to refund their tickets, they can easily give it to a friend, and the management will transfer the access in the person’s name. The administration will cancel hotels booked through the official website, but the management is not responsible if you have done it anywhere else.

To encourage the fans who have pre-booked, the management will send a limited-edition Anime Los Angeles pin. The booking of tickets will stop after November 31, 2020, and resume after January 2021.

Just hold on to your costume for one more year, folks; you can debut it without a mask in 2022.

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