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Anime Releases that are confirmed for October 2022

The early months of the year 2022 saw the anime viewers being treated to a myriad of several new shows. As the season ends to give way to a new season, the upcoming fall season is highly awaited by the fans as it is expected to bring new seasons of many popular series as well brand new shows adapted from famous manga.

We understand it could be difficult to keep track of all that’s happening around you in the anime world which is why we bring you what’s new next month.

My Hero Academia Season 6

Our protagonist Izuku Modoriya wants to join a school for budding heroes but the catch here is that he hasn’t got an ounce of power in him. The show has come quite far since it’s inception with the fifth season being aired in Spring 21.

The season ended with the heroes preparing to go to war against Shigaraki and the new entry to the League of Villains, Paranormal Liberation Front. The sixth season of this is expected to air on October 1st.

Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War

All eyes will be on Ichigo Kurosaki as he will be fighting the evil spirits in an anime that ended almost a decade ago. Though the anime is still fresh in the memory of its fans it appears that the show will reintroduce people to the settings and lore of the show.

The fans were informed that the show would premiere on October 10,2022 through a tweet on the official twitter account of the show.

Chainsaw Man

Denji is a young man who lives and kills for money. When we say kill, we mean it literally. He hunts down devils with his special dog Pochito. But after a series of tragic incidents his life takes a turn and he has a whole new avatar- The Chainsaw man. The  anime will premiere on TV Tokyo as well as Amazon Primevideo on October 11,2022.

Mob Psycho 100

Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama has real psychic powers which is used by his boss to bust ghosts albeit at a very low price than market rate. Shigeo is a high school kid who alongwith his boss and mentor Arataka Reigan takes up the challenges of life which may even unleash deeper psychic powers that he posses. The third season of the show will air on October 6th after a gap of three years.

Blue Lock

The Blue Lock program is expected to help Japan win the prestigious Football World Cup. In the program the best athletes in the country will be pitted against each other and in that battle royale we will witness not just a clash of skills but also of egos. The winner of the program will earn himself a spot in Japanese team as striker. The show will begin airing on October 6th.

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