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Ant-Man Star Didn’t Know They Were in Marvel’s What If…?


What If...?

Ant-Man Michael Douglas Unaware Of Something Important:

Marvel Studios is a massive, secretive machine producing talents like the star of Ant-Man Michael Douglas. It is so huge that the actors sometimes don’t even know the exact property they’re filming the scenes for. For example, we know of the case with Gwyneth Paltrow and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And now, it seems that the lead of Ant-Man Michael Douglas is in a similar situation as well. Does the actor seem to be unaware that he will be lending his voice to Marvel’s What If…? This is a show which will hit the streaming service of Marvel, Disney Plus.


How Did The Actor Come To Know About This New Role?

Douglas was recently on a press tour for The Kominsky Method when he found out about the news. In an interview during the tour, there is a question regarding his role in the upcoming animated series. This is when the actor gets a surprise. He is taken aback by the news. Moreover, he doesn’t know that he is supposed to be a part of the show.


However, there is sure news that we will see Ant-Man with Michael Douglas in it. He follows by saying that they will start shooting the film from January 2021 onwards.


Who Can We Expect To See In The Marvel Show?

Ant-Man Michael Douglas is just one of the many MCU actors with a confirmation of an appearance in What If…? This role will obviously be in the form of an animated counterpart. Other MCU talents in the show include Josh Brolin, Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan.

Additionally, we will also hear the voices of Michael B. Jordan, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston. Other talents lending their voices in the show are Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Hemsworth and Karen Gillan. Among others, there is Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, Dominic Cooper as well as Natalie Portman. The list of MCU actors in the show is a long and never-ending one.


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