Are Tom Holland And Zendaya Really Dating? Fans Suspect Publicity Stunt For Upcoming Movie

Who Is Tom Holland’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Nadia Parkes

Co-actors of a film dating is a given now in Hollywood. Either they end up having an affair with the actors during or after the movie or falling in love and getting married.

Most of them end it as soon as the movie is over or if the film has run its course in the box office, and some among these keep it up for few more months.

But neither Tom Holland nor Zendaya seem like that type. And frankly, The Spider-Man: No Way Home does not need cheap publicity stunts to sell tickets.

There are people right now who will sell anything just to get a trailer.


Tom and Zendaya kissing

Who was Tom Holland dating before Zendaya?

Tom Holland was said to be in a relationship with Nadia Parkes, an up-and-coming British actress. They both even quarantined together in 2020.

Nadia Parkes is also known through Sophie Turner of GOT and X-Men fame.  It was said that she was the one that set both Nadia and Tom up.

Even though the actors officially confirmed nothing, the couple kept posting pictures of each other on their social media accounts.



Who Is Tom Holland’s Girlfriend? Everything You Need To Know About Nadia Parkes
Nadia Parkes and Sophie Turner

No information about when they broke up has been released. But Tom and Zendaya have been spotted in many places kissing and holding hands, and that was never seen before with Nadia Parkes.

This might be the reason why some think this might just be a publicity stunt. But, like we already established the fact, if anything at all, Marvel will keep the actors working in the movie as far as possible.

They are still not done cleaning the mess caused by Taika Waititi and his threesome pics. He just recently created more trouble by saying that he has no remorse whatsoever about the leaked pictures driving Marvel’s PG-13 policy insane.

We are having fun watching it but let’s see how long Marvel will bend the rules for Taika Waititi.


As to Zendaya and Tom, maybe they just got sick of hiding it and chose not to do that. It’s also kind of impossible to hide anything from snoopy fans.

They have been close friends for a while, and they just spent the last few months filming in Atlanta, so who knows, maybe cupid knocked on their door and did not leave. God, that is so cheesy.

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