Home Movies Marvel Are you a true Marvel Fan? Answer these questions on Captain America...

Are you a true Marvel Fan? Answer these questions on Captain America to find out!


2. What does Steve Rogers hate above all else by World War II?

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3. Who is older? Steve Rogers or Bucky Barnes?

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4. What is Steve Roger's defining act in "basic" training?

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5. What is the Super Soldier Project officially known as?

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6. What is Steve's theme song - and by extension, nickname?

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7. Finish this Captain America quote: "You start running they'll never let you stop."

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8. What is Captain America's shield made of?

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9. What was Captain America's elite unit known as?

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10. Whose fist does Captain America grab in Avengers: Infinity War?

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Are you a true Marvel Fan? Answer these questions on Captain America to find out!


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