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Are You All Geared Up For Halloween 2020?

With the advent of Halloween, the whole occidental world is on fire. With lamps, pumpkins, and classy costumes, people have left the world as a whole, looking out for the Halloween party and celebrity trends. India has its own share of Halloween parties and makes this really cool party worth receiving global attention. Let’s get into some wardrobes and look into who’s planning for a Halloween costume win this year!

I shouldn’t be missing out on a costume for the year 2020. After all, it’s a unanimous upvote. But did you check out Kim Kardashian’s champagne trend with the glass on her butt? That has been a popular costume this year with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn look. As Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings costumes winning attention, The Game of Thrones costumes has been pushed into more wardrobes this time. Powerpuff Girls haven’t stopped amazing girls as Marvel characters have won little boy fans’ attention worldwide.

Powerpuff girls costume have always been a halloween trend

The vastness of the costumes says it all. Cardi B’s WAP has been drawing a global audience, so it’s no surprise if people get into her curves. We shouldn’t be forgetting famous figures to the likes of pregnant Meghan Markel with prince Harry. Couples are all news in the neighborhood with their RomCom pairs costumes; let’s throw the dart at Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello this time. We’re all looking forward to Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent as well as other fairy tale beauties.

Are we missing out on the most fantastic thing about Halloween makeovers? Doppelgangers! Celebrity lookalikes are the most on-trend every Halloween. Are we going to find some more Brent Riveras, Chandler Bings, or Joey Tribbianis this year? Or are we still going to fight over only the handful of them? It’s always a mystery which celebrity trend is winning the most massive audience this year. Let’s go get our wardrobes ready.

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