‘Arrest Bill Gates’- An Unsettling Controversy

Arrest Bill Gates

Billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates had recently made headlines after his divorce from his longtime partner Melinda Gates. But he has yet again found himself in a rather gruesome controversy. Many Indian Twitter users are asking the Indian government to arrest Bill Gates.

Interested to know why? Keep scrolling down. We’ll give you all the tea.

#ArrestBillGates Trending On Indian Twitter

Twitter users across India have started the #ArrestBillGates trend after some disturbing news surfaced. It turns out that the Bill and Melinda Gates-funded NGO PATH had administered untested vaccine on some girls from the Khammam tribe of Andhra Pradesh. Four girls met their demise as a result.

Reports say that they gave the vaccine in 2009 and about 14,000 girls aged 10-14 got the dose. The vaccine used was the controversial Gardasil vaccine manufactured by Merck which was to be used for treating the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

The girls were from low-income families and were living in ashrams or hostels. Sadly, these underprivileged girls were the targets of PATH’s controversial testing. The matter however came to light after SAMA, a Delhi-based NGO on women’s health, had appealed to the Indian Council of Medical Research to investigate the matter.

They discovered that many of the vaccinated girls were suffering from adverse side effects. It was only in 2013 that the Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health released a report that the matter was brought to public notice.

The report established that PATH had lied to the investigators, violated the legal terms and conditions and also violated Human Rights. PATH also admitted to having been driven by profit-making interests.

The medical community of India has accused PATH of treating these girls as guinea pigs for their experiments. Rightly so, it has even accused the government of white-washing the matter.

However, the silence has been broken only recently as many twitters users have called out the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Furthermore, they have even gone as far as to appeal to the authorities to arrest Bill Gates himself.

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