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Arvind Kejriwal Questions Centre On Free Vaccine Distribution To States

Arvind Kejriwal on free vaccines

Arvind Kejriwal questions Centre on free vaccines

Arvind Kejriwal on free vaccines: On June 10, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal criticised a statement made by PM Modi. PM Modi had earlier addressed the nation and stated that the Centre will provide the COVID-19 vaccines after June 21.

PM Modi addressed the nation on Monday and announced that free vaccines will be given for all citizens above 18 years from June 21. The PM said, “State governments will not have to spend anything on the vaccine.” Read more on that here.

The Union Health Ministry issued guidelines for this. They said that doses will be allocated to states and union territories based on their population, progress of vaccination drive and burden of COVID-19.

Arvind Kejriwal On Free Vaccines

The Delhi CM had a press conference after he inspected the construction of an oxygen storage tank near Siraspur. In that, he said that how the central government will supply these vaccines free of cost to all the adults remains a big question.

Due to the severe shortages of vaccines in the current situation, Kejriwal remains critical of the statement made by the Prime Minister. He has also previously pointed out the Centre’s fault in exporting vaccine doses while the country desperately needs them.

“The central government said that after June 21, it will supply vaccines free of cost in the country. The government has done this after the order of the Supreme Court. Better late than never,” Kejriwal said.

However, he continued to question where the Centre will get the vaccines. “Even after June 21, where will the vaccines come from is a big question. There is a severe shortage of doses,” Kejriwal said while addressing reporters.

Kejriwal’s Previous Comments

Kejriwal said the impact of the second wave of the pandemic would have been less if vaccination was done on time in the country. He emphasised that people would not have succumbed to COVID if they were vaccinated.

According to the Hindustan Times, Delhi has so far inoculated 5,732,699 beneficiaries against Covid-19 till now. Over 66,000 beneficiaries were administered vaccine doses on June 9.

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