Attack On The Titans: The Female Titan Explained

The Female Titan is one of the nine titans. It has been passed down through the Eldian people for approximately 2000 years after Ymir Fritz‘s death. The Female Titan is all-rounded. It has multiple abilities starting with its high mobility and agility. In addition to that, it has high endurance as well as other skills. One of those abilities is the ability to harden her skin and body through the titan ability of hardening.

Hardening ability

This ability is also possessed by Eren Yeager, the current owner of the Attack Titan. This ability lets a titan harden their skin extremely to the extent that even the ultra-hard steel blades used by the soldiers and the survey corps can’t scratch it. The blades tend to break when they are used against hardened skin.

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Abilities of The Female Titan:

Female Titan Scream Attracting other Titan

The most impressive ability that the Female Titan has is her ability to attract pure titans through her screams. This ability is similar to the Founder titan’s and Zeke Yeager’s beast titan ability to control titans. But unlike them, the Female’s Titan’s ability to call pure titans is limited to the reach of her voice. Whenever the titans are attracted to her, they will immediately start attacking her and eat her body. Yet, it still proves useful in some situations.

Annie Leonhart:

Annie Leonhart

The current owner of the Female Titan is Annie Leonhart, a graduate of the 104th training corps same as Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackermann and many others. In addition to being a former member of the military police brigade, Annie has outstanding skills and experience in Hand-to-Hand combat. The training makes her an immensely powerful fighter. Especially in her Female titan as she has very high mobility and endurance as well as decent all-around physical abilities combined with her skin hardening ability, her blows, punches and kicks are strong enough to destroy almost any titan’s flesh.

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