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Attack On Titan: 5 Reasons That Justify The Rumbling

Attack on Titan is truly one of the few gems that becomes better and better as it progresses. The series’ captivating take about man and monster has succeeded in portraying an incredibly complex and thought-provoking story.

With the Rumbling being one of the most horrifying events in Attack on Titan, one can’t help but wonder if it was justified.

Eren Witnessed The Future When He Makes Contact With Historia

Attack on Titan’s last season left many wondering what Eren’s true intentions are. It is all very unsure why Eren suddenly wants to work together with Zeke, but Eren explains that he felt a huge moment of clarity when he made contact with Historia Reiss and her royal blood.

In this short experience, Eren witnesses his entire fate and his end. Eren keeps this knowledge and vision to himself, but it suggests that there is a point to all of this.

The Public’s Opinion On Eldians Cannot Be Altered

It can be said that Attack on Titan’s final season largely seems to deal with differences in ideologies. The Eldians are at a huge disadvantage in this situation since the public already has preconceived notions about them.

Many people want to attempt to make a deal with the enemy, but the world has already decided to bomb Paradis Island even before Eren reveals the Rumbling. Millions of people died to prevent the Rumbling, and so they’ll continue fighting for that cause.

The Alliance Against The Rumbling And Eren Is Poorly Organized 

Once the Rumbling is activated, Attack on Titan’s many characters work together as there are no other options to save the world. An alliance of warriors from both Eldia and Marley come together to defeat Eren.

Eren is highly determined and has a concrete plan to achieve his goal. However, the alliance against him is in chaos and doesn’t have a solid attack plan besides just knowing that their target is Eren.

It’s More Humane Compared To Zeke’s Larger Eldian Euthanasia Plan

Attack on Titan’s finale features a tense alliance between Eren and Zeke- enemies working together in favor of the Rumbling.

Eren plans to wipe out the enemy with the Rumbling, whereas Zeke’s plan is to euthanize Eldians so that the problem gradually dies out and becomes extinct. Eren can’t bear such an extreme tactic and he thinks his plan is the lesser of two evils.

Much Greater Sinister Plans May Be Harbored By Someone Else With The Founding Titan

One fascinating way Titan powers can be transferred is through consumption. By doing this, individuals can possess multiple Titan abilities. The root of all this is the Founding Titan’s powers, which can trigger the Rumbling.

Even if Eren and Zeke don’t use this power, someone else could potentially claim it for an even larger destructive plan. Eren at least uses his power to relieve Ymir of her eternal suffering.

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