Attack on Titan: All The Nine Titans and Their Powers Explained

The Nine Titans in this post-apocalyptic fantasy anime Attack on Titan, are one of the most powerful elements in the entire world. Originating from the original Titan, Ymir Fritz, the Nine Titans are positions that are passed down from through generations, each with their own unique abilities. Naturally, with these powers, Titans have a legendary status.


The Founding Titan

When Ymir became the Founding Titan, she used her ability to control other Titans. With Ymir’s bloodline, all the other Titans emerged; which resulted in creating an entire race of people with the latent ability to become monsters.

The original plan hatched by Eren’s father, Grisha Jaeger, was to become the Founding Titan in order to rule over the will of all other Titans for his own good. Nevertheless, when Eren ultimately devoured his old man, he gained the powers of the Founding Titan.


The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan is one of the most brutal and savage Titans in the entire world. Along with the strength and might of an already powerful Titan, this one can receive and interpret memories of its past lives, as well as that of future events. These memories make the Attack Titan, push hard to fight for and justice and freedom.

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The Colossal Titan

It is the one of the first Titans we see in the series, this skinless giant, who has the power to evaporate parts of its body to release massive amounts of steam, which can melt objects and turn them to ashes, with its powerful heat—making it stand far, far taller than all of its compatriots, making it one of the biggest titans around at an astonishing 60 meters in height!


The Female Titan

The only apparently female Titan among the Nine, the female Titan remains one of the most powerful amongst them. By screaming, it can draw in Pure Titans to her beck and call — however, it can’t control them like the Founding Titan. It can also harden parts of its body to use them as a weapon in times of need.

The present Female Titan is Annie Leonhart, a refined combatant who uses her martial arts skills and crystalline body and makes it into her ultimate weapon.


The Armored Titan

With Female Titan’s ability to form crystalline armour, the Armored Titan takes this skill to a whole new level. It is able to invent a suit of armour all over its body, turning itself into an impenetrable Titan, leaving the vital points of the articulation necessary for movement.
The present wielder of the Armored Titan ability is Reiner Braun.


The Beast Titan

This gigantic Titan has the ability of animal-like strength and appearance. It is most significant for its abilities to throw any item within reach as far as it wishes — and with uttermost accuracy. At 17 meters in height, the Beast Titan surely ranks amongst the strongest Titans around.


The Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan, being one of the smallest and swiftest of the Nine Titans, its powers allow it to crush and shred anything and everything between its teeth and claws.
Though originally, this power belonged to Marcell Galliard, however following his demise, the powers since then have been passed down to Ymir ( not Fritz) and then to Falco Grice, who is yet to utilize these special abilities in the pages of Attack on Titan.


The cart Titan

Another remarkable small titan, this four-legged “giant” stands just over four meters tall. It is known for its bizarre canine look and ability to transform over a long period of time – two months before its forced return to normal.
Though it looks very masculine, the current Cart Titan is Pieck, the sweet woman, who has long found herself comfortable with walking with all fours.


The War Hammer Titan

Last, of the Nine Titans, War Hammer Titan – this one is capable of making weapons out of its calcified flesh. This includes swords, clubs and the war hammers for sure. Instead of transforming its hosts into a Titan, War Hammer can create and control Titan from the “flesh cord”, creating a Titan’s body while the real intelligence sits comfortably.

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