Attack on Titan Enters The Guinness Book of World Records!

Attack on Titan will never ever stop smashing world records for a ton of reasons. Attack on Titan tells the story of a dystopian world plagued with humanoid man-eating creatures called Titans. 


However, Hajime Isayama makes sure the plot doesn’t become a typical Kaiju or Shonen anime. The anime itself packs a lot of political metaphors and allegories while forcing the viewers to ask tough philosophical questions. 


Though the Attack on Titan manga has officially ended, fans can’t get enough of the quirky news revolving around the franchise. Let’s delve into the recent captivating and noteworthy piece of news regarding Attack on Titan.

The Guinness Book of World Records has bestowed a befitting and slightly amusing title on the anime Attack on Titan. The organization has given it the official certification for being the largest comic book ever published. In the process, it thus beat out the Brazilian comic Turma da Mônica whose books were a gigantic size of 6,976.02 cm².


The manga publisher Kodansha had published the gigantic one-meter huge editions in March 2021. These editions covered the first two chapters of the manga. 

How Big Were The Books?

The dimensions of the released books are as such: length of 1 meter and width of 0.7m. This means that these books are roughly 6-7 times the size of a regular-sized Tankobon volume. 

With a weight of about 13 Kilos, carrying the books is backbreaking. Producers decided to produce this large edition of the Attack on Titan books as a promotional venture for the final volume. The final volume, i.e the 34th volume will get a release on the 9th of June, after being compiled. 

Where Can I Buy The Attack on Titan Large Volumes?

Unfortunately, the producers made the annoying decision to keep the quantity of these large books very low. There was only a maximum of limited edition 100 copies, which sold out in a short span of two minutes. 


This sale happened on March 6 and was a resounding testament to its popularity. Each of the copies cost $1540 or 165000 Yen. 


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