Attack On Titan Episode 81 Reveals The Character Growth of Gabi and Kaya

Gabi and Kaya have the most hateful relationship after Kaya realized Gabi murdered Sasha. Their conversations with each other are replete with a lot of philosophical questions that the series Attack on Titan forces us to ponder over.

The manga explores the psychological and emotional states of the characters as they undergo many emotionally scarring situations. The characters have a lot of trauma and it can be rightly said that these characters are trying to cope with their trauma albeit in different ways.

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Moreover, it also highlights the dilemmas faced by them as they realize that the people on the other sides are no less human than them. They contemplate the predicaments of war as they realize that at the end of the day, the “devils” are mundanely human with their own share of human suffering to bear.

This dilemma and realization have been aptly explored in Gabi Braun, a Warrior candidate who is most likely the inheritor of the Armor Titan. When Reiner tells their family about how there were all types of people in Paradis Island, Gabi asks him in shock and terror how it is possible when they’re “devils” or akama. 

Let us take a look at the relationship between Gabi and Kaya and how they have come a long way as revealed in Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22.

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Gabi and Kaya: Gabi’s Encounter With Kaya

Kaya is the girl whom Sasha rescued from a short Titan who was eating her mother alive as she had to witness her own mother getting devoured slowly. Gabi is the intruder from Marley who murdered Sasha as revenge for the attack on Liberio.

When Kaya first encounters the duo Gabi Braun and Falco, she gives them food and shelter, even offering to help them escape Paradis despite knowing that they’re not from the walls. When she confronts them about why they’re trying to kill their fellow Eldians, Gabi replies that Eldians have to repent for the war crimes they committed against Marley in the past.

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Kaya replies aptly that her mother didn’t do anything wrong to deserve the worst death ever, a death which was the direct consequence of Zeke’s actions. This conversation highlighted the perils of collective guilt imposed on an entire group of people and is one of the best thought-provoking situations in the history of Attack on Titan.

Kaya Tries To Murder Gabi

When Kaya and her adopted family visit the Marleyan POW who loved Sasha, they find out that Gabi was the one who killed their beloved Potato Girl. When given the opportunity to Sasha’s father to murder Gabi for killing his daughter, he refuses to do so.

However, Kaya in a moment of sheer hatred, tries to get vengeance by impaling her with a knife. She is stopped in the nick of time by Mikasa while Gabi is immobilized from the shock of being at the receiving end of such hatred.

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Gabi Saves Kaya, Kaya Saves Gabi

In the latest episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode 22, Kaya and her adopted family are trying to run from a Titan, who was the Commander of the Military Police when he was a human. However, Kaya falls down into an underground passage and is almost about to get eaten alive when Gabi arrives heroically and shoots the Titan in the nape.

Kaya is dumbstruck as she’s unable to understand why Gabi saved her, a despicable “Island devil”. In turn, Kaya and her family save her from getting killed by Survey Corps soldiers who recognize her as the Marleyan warrior. They pretend that she’s a member of their family and ask them to escort them to safety.

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