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Studio Mappa teases Attack on Titan final season

Attacck on Titan Final season

Attack on Titan final season is scheduled to release sometime in early 2022. The first half aired from December 2020. Studio MAPPA will be producing the final season of the anime.

MAPPA released a new teaser. This is a part of the company’s 10th anniversary event. The anime also switched studios. Wit Studio produced the first three seasons. Jun Shishido is directing both halves of the final season. Jun Shishido also directed Hajime no Ippo Rising.

Previously on Attack on Titan final season, Marley and defeats the Mid-East Allied forces and declares war against Paradis to retake the Founding Titan. However, Eren infiltrates Marley and kills Willy Tybur. After that the Survey Corps rescue Eren. However, Levi arrests Eren for his reckless actions. During the rescue, Gabi kills Sasha Braus.

Because of Eren’s attack the Marleyans plan to attack Paradis. However, much to their surprise, Zeke betrays them and sides with Eren. Eren then takes on a mission to protect Paradis forever. He is joined by the Jaegerists. However, his friends are not sure whether Eren can be trusted anymore.


The plot for the second half of the season will cover the following:

  • the plan Eren and Zeke conspired to end the Titan threat.
  • The Rumbling
  • Battle between Eren and all other nations
  • The Death of Eren

The AOT manga has recently published its final chapter in Japan. The original season of the anime is streaming in Netflix while all seasons as well as the final are available on Hulu and Crunchyroll. If you are interested in AOT check out this cool article!

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