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Attack on Titan: Mangakas congratulate Hajime Isayama on the end of his manga


Several mangakas congratulated Hajime Isayama on the end of Attack on Titan, celebrating the more than 11 years during which his work was published, and during which he did not stop working for a moment.

Reiji Miyajima, author of Rent-a-Girlfriend and Sui Ushida, creator of Tokyo Ghoul, have congratulated him since the latest episode of Attack on Titan was released last week, but other artists have joined in the festivities.

Shuzo Oshimi, author of Aku no Hana, thanked him with the following words on his Twitter account: “Isayama-san, thank you for your hard work.” Both authors began publishing their respective works in the already distant 2009, but Oshimi ended the story in 2014.

Chihiro Ishizuka, author of Flying Witch, and who has published in the same magazine as Isayama since 2012, also dedicated a few words to him on Twitter. “Isayama-san, thank you for your serialization. I was happy to publish in the same magazine for so long.”

Akinari Nao, cartoonist for I’m Standing on a Million Lives, congratulated the mangaka for 11 years of hard work.

Ken Akamatsu, author of Love Hina, Mahou Sensei Negima! and UQ Holder , took advantage of the message to promote his work, congratulating Isayama for reaching the end of his series.

Mikoto Yamaguchi, writer of Tomodachi Game, congratulated the author of Attack on Titan and expressed his wish that he could one day approach his work and characters with the same sincerity as Isayama.

Thores Shibamoto, the illustrator who drew the spin-off Shingeki no Kyojin: Before The Fall, who thanked for the opportunity to have worked on this work. He also applauded the effort that the author made throughout all these years.

The Attack on Titan manga came to an end on April 9, but the anime still isn’t over with, as the second part of the last season will air in late 2022.

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