Attack On Titan Season 4 Upcoming Episodes

The much-awaited fourth season of the hit anime Attack on Titan has finally debuted. As expected, fans couldn’t control their excitement to the level of crashing the websites that are streaming them.


Crashing Websites

Suppose you are a fan from Japan then, lucky you. Many websites and apps streaming the anime in other parts of the world had to stall a little and upload the first episode due to the traffic caused by the series’ fans.

Well, we are not complaining after the way season 3 ended and the long wait for season 4; this was nothing short of what was expected. Now that the first episode ended with the preview of the second episode and by revealing its title to the audience, somehow, our snoopy fans have gotten hold of the title of the next two episodes too.


Episodes that will be streaming in December

Twitter user and fan, YonkouProd had tweeted on Twitter that after episode 2 of season 4 ‘Midnight Train’ on 13 December 2020, episode 3 named ‘The Door of Hope’ and episode 4 named ‘From One Hand to Another’ will be released within December 2020 while the series will take a small break and return in January after some delay with its 5th episode.


No familiar faces yet.

The season 4 first episode, which was the most awaited episode of all time, which even crashed Crunchyroll, didn’t see any familiar faces’ return. Fans got to see a whole new batch of characters in a completely different region in the first episode. Even though it was a letdown for the fans as they were expecting to see their favorite characters return, it is not a completely lost cause as they did get to see the war in Marley.

The final season of the series debuted on December 7 with its opening scene from the war in Marley, which has been the region that controlled the Titan powers on the other side of the ocean, as we saw at the end of season 3.


Who is the big bad? Marley or Eldia?

While fans love the first episode, they are more than eager to see the second one as the titles indicate that they will be able to see Eren and friends real soon. Since there has been a time gap between the last season and now, and given that there is a time gap between the season in the series, too, fans are excited to see the grown-up characters.

So, how excited are you about the second episode, and also, who do you think is bad, Marley or Eldia? Let us know in the comments.

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