Aunt May Made An Impact on Spider-Man: No Way Home

Aunt May

Spider-Man: No Way Home is nothing short of a phenomenon. The movie has broken numerous records, even passing the billion-dollar mark in the midst of a pandemic. The excitement over the film has even pushed past web-slinger films to the top of streaming lists. On the critical side, Sony is engaging in an Oscar campaign for the film, pushing for it in all categories, including the highest honor of Best Picture

The success of No Way Home has fans talking about the possible futures of Spider-Men’s past. The Multiversal focus of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness makes an appearance by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield entirely possible, especially with the director of the original Spider-Man trilogy, Sam Raimi, at the helm.

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Though it may already be clear to audiences, Holland and Zendaya’s comments hammer home Aunt May’s importance to the story of No Way Home. Marisa Tomei’s May played a key role in the film, helping to form Peter’s moral code and giving him the strength to carry on. In many ways, May’s journey has made her the Uncle Ben of the MCU, even delivering what are often his famous final words.

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Holland and Zendaya’s comments help to illuminate a few other things, however. The MCU’s Spider-Man is often seen as a recipient of a great deal of mentorship. However, as Zendaya says, May is often forgotten when fans think through Spidey’s list of “father figures.” Without an Uncle Ben in this universe (or at least one that audiences have seen), May is the one responsible for shaping Peter into the man he is, even when he first put on the costume.

Holland also touches on how important May has been to the entirety of Spider-Man’s journey. Even in the first two films, Aunt May played a key role, helping Peter through his moments of emotional turmoil, giving him something to fight for, and, upon learning his identity, making sure he did the right thing.

Though Holland’s Spider-Man will likely return to the silver screen, the loss of his Aunt May is something that has already changed the character irrevocably.

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