Avengers 5: How Thor & Loki Will Reunite In Kang Dynasty (Theory)

While Phase 4 of the MCU introduced an impressive list of new Marvel characters, several original cast members are still in the game. In addition to Hawkeye and the Hulk, Thor just got his fourth movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Loki got his own title series with Season 2 confirmed for 2023. In fact, of all the main characters left, Thor and Loki are the two with the most stories to tell.

Of course, the question is when and where these two brothers will meet again. And with the completion of Thor: Love and Thunder and Marvel Studios, there are new opportunities to explore. In particular, Thor believes that Loki died at the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. And technically he is right. However, thanks to the time theft of the Avengers in Avengers: Endgame.

Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, the Smart Hulk, and Ant-Man return to 2012 when Loki escapes custody with the Tesseract, debuting Loki on Disney Plus. That Loki is the Earth-616 version of himself that was recreated during his time at TVA due to his relationship with Mobius and Sylvie. Also, due to his influence on the Disney+ series, he could be the fourth character in this multiverse saga. Although the Happy Season 2 and Sylvy, it certainly shows a long tendency down, they seem to face thunderstorms to intervene on the ground -616.


Theory N -ro 1: Avengers Taringing Loki meet in 5
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As fans are aware of future MCU programs, all candidates are in the Kan dynasty. As Lucky and Silvi are aware of Kang, we must take responsibility for leaving all Kangs, which is undoubtedly before the Kang dynasty, which directly affects the world -616 world. Of course Thor develops the love of his child’s daughter. Since Loki is now focused on warning everyone about Kong, he must warn Thor. If so, Variant Loki will have many explanations of who Kong Yar is, the multiverse, TVA and more, his 11th resurrection.

The brothers may relate to each other in new ways, either because of their new relationships or, if Silo continues to run from Loki, because of the loss of the women they loved. The Kong Dynasty team could set the stage for a joint battle in Avengers: Secret Wars and the MCU Battleworld comics.

While fans expected Loki to reunite with his brother at some point, Thor: Love and Thunder presented a different path to the reunion. Theory #2: Loki’s resurrection in Valhalla in Avengers 5
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At the end of Thor 4, Marvel viewers got their first look at Valhalla, the Asgardian afterlife.

According to Norse mythology, a person approaches Valhalla by dying in battle or being chosen by Odin. Ever since Love and Thunder revealed that Jane Foster meets Heimdall in Valhalla, fans have questioned whether the MCU’s original Loki is also in Valhalla, as he is the son of Odin and was saved due to his conflict with Thanos.

If so, there is a way to get it back. In the comics, coming to Valhalla doesn’t mean staying forever. In fact, Jane Foster was resurrected from Valhalla and returned to Earth as a Valkyrie. If it happened to Jain and/or Heimdall, why not the original Loki?

Kong may be the biggest threat to the Avengers so far in the Kong dynasty. If there was to be a Valhalla resurrection, this would be the time. And considering Loki’s sacrifice in Infinity War, he certainly deserves it.

And after Thor’s long history of losing, what better way to stop Thor’s personal journey than to fight his brother the way he always wanted to? However, there are some potential problems with this theory. First, after killing Loki in Infinity War, Thanos said there was no resurrection this time. Although Tanu’s comment had no real validity to the resurrection of Valhalla, the line was felt as a message to the audience.

Second, bringing Loki back makes his selfless death less likely, not to mention making things more complicated for the MCU Loki type. Theory #3: Thor’s Avengers 5 will end in Valhalla
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So far, Thor is the only Avenger to get four solo movies, leaving fans wondering how long he’ll be in the MCU.

With many of the original Avengers either dead or retired, Thor’s own story may end in Kang Dynasty or eventually Secret Wars. If so, then Thor Odinson’s happy ending and reunion with his brother could happen in Valhalla.

One of the problems with this theory is the love of Thor’s daughter. However, it remains to be seen where this particular storyline goes, and it depends on the events of Kong Dynasty.

The next Odinson family reunion
Emblem of Thor, Loki, Love and Thunder
While the debate over when and where the sun will shine on Thor and Loki remains a mystery, answers are on the way. Loki Season 2 is sure to give viewers a better idea of ​​what’s going on behind the scenes of the multiverse and Loki’s path moving forward.

But before that, Kong will make his debut in February 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. In true TVA style, time will tell how these brothers cross paths. But for now, Kong Dynasty looks like the most likely Sons of Odin reunion movie.

Avengers: Kong Dynasty will be released on May 2, 2025.

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