Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene Features Thor Leaks

Good news for the viewers is on its way with the release of home video of Avengers: Endgame.

Along with this, there is news out lately, mentioning that Marvel Studios has just hyped up an occasion where a brand new deleted scene from the movie has been revealed.

The duration of the film is already more than three hours which makes it difficult to determine which scene could be deleted from the movie full of adventure.

It is believed that there were a few sequences that had to be deleted from the movie.

According to the reports, a new scene is out, where Rocket and Thor are interacting with each other during their jaunt to Asgard circa-2013.

The hilarious interaction shows that Rocket is talking all about the mission and Thor is talking about a drink that he would like to have and relieve his mind.

The video is surely a must watch and is out on various social media sites.

Adding further, Thor comes up with a character that is full of humor in the movie, meanwhile making it hard for the God of Thunder to let the fans see what he has to show. This means that the fans of God of Thunder were not used to see such character of his but Thor put him in this situation.

Also, according to Christopher Markus, the co-writer of avengers: Endgame said: ”they wanted to continue pushing the character into a different direction after Thor: Ragnarok”.

It was said by Markus in the LA Times ‘He got re-toned by Taika Waititi, Eric Pearson, ad Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok and that was a gift to us.’

Avengers: Endgame
Endgame Deleted Scene Features Thor

Along with this, he added that they wanted to give him some real consequences and obstacles too. It was believed that he has lost a lot in that movie which he takes with self-assurance but that does not change the fact that he has lost everything.

He is headed from the throne from his very first movie. All this by purpose which has somewhat made him realize and believe that it is not what people expect from him, instead it is all about embracing what he really feels is right.

This was added in the news by Eric Pearson. Furthermore, he added that Hemsworth is a gorgeous person with the looks and talent to be funny and he will be best for the role.

It is, in fact, the great second half of the MCU for him and he is delightful for all that coming out.

It was likely that Hemsworth will be out from MCU to which the myth was clarified once he signed for the return of Thor 4.

Hemsworth wanted to return for the character keeping in mind the good cause.

He has loved the Thor character and if there is something out of the way in the character, he said he would love to do it. To him, this is one of the best opportunities. Many users search Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scene in Google.

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