Avengers: Endgame Director Reveals a Blink and You’ll Miss It Moment

With Avengers: Endgame soon becoming digitally available, fans of the movie will now have the chance to look for minute details in it.

They will be able to find more hidden Easter eggs, references as well as other small details which they missed in the theatres.

Adding to this is the newly merged commentary track by Joe and Anthony Russo, the makers of the film, along with writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus.

The one detail you could miss even if you blink once:

There is one detail in the final scene of Endgame which even the most hardcore fans or even the actual characters of the franchise haven’t caught till now.

Joe Russo points out the sequence of the Time Heist, where Nebula comes back from.

In a key scene of the sequence, when the Nebula of 2023 travels back to 2014 for the Time Heist, her neural network is seen reconnecting to that of Thanos’, which alerts the Mad Titan about the Time Heist plans that the Avengers have made.

To defeat his rivals, Thanos then captures the 2023 Nebula and replaces her with the Nebula of 2014. This Nebula then travels to 2023 as an undercover, to gain access to the Avengers’ base.

Therefore, in one of the moments in the film, where the Nebula of 2023 is shown, her hand should be destroyed, which would serve as the first clue of the missable moment.

Which scene is being talked about?

This scene occurs when the Avengers return from the Time Heist and attempt to use the power of the Infinity Gauntlet to reverse the effect of Thanos’ snap.

And while they are in the Avengers Compound lab preparing for their Infinity experiment, the Nebula of 2014 sneaks into the Time Tunnel and summons Thanos.

What follows in the moments after is an epic battle between Thanos’ army and the heroes of the MCU on what is the ruins of the Avengers compound.

Other clues:

Endgame also gave fans a clue on how to tell the two Nebulas apart. The 2023 Nebula had an orange racing stripe on her head decoration, in addition to her hands, which fans seem to have overlooked.

Moreover, when 2023 Nebula travels back in time to the Planet Morag of 2014, she gets the Power Stone from the orb that Peter Quill had robbed in the opening scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy.

Nebula obtained the orb by taking her cybernetic hand and sticking it into the protective field. Doing this melts her hand down, which is different from the hand of 2014 Nebula which is used to activate the Time Tunnel after Thanos’ snap.

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