Avengers: Endgame Directors Reveal Most Difficult Day of Filming

Avengers: Endgame was a movie with moments that had made audiences cheer and clap their hands, and at the same time, it had moved them to tears.

Quite frankly, for fans, the hardest scene to watch was the goodbye sequence between Iron Man and Pepper Potts after the former’s Tony Stark finally saves the day. Makers of the film also agree with the fact.

In fact, Joe and Anthony Russo have also spoken about the hardest filming day of the Endgame.

The most difficult day of filming on set:

It does not come as a surprise that even for the filmmakers the single most difficult scene to film was that of Tony Stark’s death.

Bidding farewell to the character who began the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe could not and was not easy at all.

Moreover, even the other heroes of MCU knew what would happen to Iron Man, but could not trust or believe his fate, especially due to the secrecy surrounding the script.

Therefore, while filming the final few moments of Stark, things and the situations had to remain tense.

Iron Man will still live on:

While Iron Man may now be gone, the legend and his heroic sacrifice will continue to live in the Marvel Cinematic Universe through the other films.

In Spider-Man: Far From Home, there is a scene which shows that the whole world remembers Stark’s actions when Thanos had attacked the world with his snap.

For now, fans are waiting to see which of the remaining superheroes steps into the shoes of Iron Man as the next great hero of the world.

The Russo brothers stress that Iron Man has really died:

There are still some fans who believe that Stark is still alive and are hoping for his grand reprise. Regardless, the filmmakers have stressed to the fans not to keep their hopes up. They have also stated that the scene was really the end of Iron Man.

The sacrifice brought Tony Stark into a full circle and thereby gave his character a natural end.

They also reportedly suggested that for Robert Downey Jr., who played Iron Man’s character for a really long time, things did need to come to an end.

And although Downey Jr. did not want such an abrupt end, when he did meet his fate, he went through it with grace. Even for the actor, it was his hardest day on set, ever.

An alternate death of Iron Man:

According to co-writer Christopher Markus, in an alternate universe, if Stark was still alive, he would have married Pepper Potts, had a kid, and live a great life.

So, death was good. It did not feel like a tragedy. Instead, it was heroic, almost like a full, finished life.

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