Avengers: Endgame May Still Not Reach Avatar’s Box Office

Marvel has recently announced the re-release of its blockbuster hit Avengers: Endgame, with some extra credits.

After 54 days of the release, Avengers: Endgame has grossed $2.743 billion at the box office. The Avengers sequel is now just $45.5 million marks away from beating Avatar’s record. But it looks like it won’t cross it ever.

Avatar at the Box Office

Avatar had a good start at the box office, opening with $77 million domestically and stayed in top 10 for almost 14 weeks.

It remained #1 movie in America from the day of release to the end of January 2010. It was the first of its genre, so dominated the multiplexes.

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We will be seeing the Endgame again in theaters on June 28. Disney is returning the film to theaters on June 28.

That clearly shows Marvel is in a move to beat James Cameron at the box office.

The box office competition seems to get a hand on hand to win the top position. The best-adjusted gauge –a fairly accurate estimate — has “Titanic” as the most popular film in worldwide theaters ever, “Gone With the Wind” second, with “Avatar” third. James Cameron’s “Avatar” has an adjusted gross somewhere around $3.2 billion.

Under normal conditions, the late-run mop-up grosses for “Endgame” could add about $15 million at most, leaving the movie $30 million shies of “Avatar.”

This has to be frustrating for Marvel and company since the “Endgame” massive opening looked to propel the film to at least $900 million domestic, possibly a good deal higher, and a worldwide total of $2.8 billion looked like an easy reach.

Digital Print of the Movie to release

This was the best option for getting past the small $30 million gaps for Disney. The film will be available on home viewing platforms under normal patterns starting in July. It already has played 3D and IMAX, so reissues in new formats wouldn’t work.

“Titanic” got a boost from its 3D transfer years after its initial release. Coincidentally, Avatar also got a special edition re-release of its own in August 2010.

Finally, the gap may need to be overcome overseas. Maybe Disney can find some rabbit to pull out of a hat in China. But expect them to keep trying to accomplish this.

Also, expect an increasing number of people to notice how dubious this whole enterprise is.

Endgame co-director Anthony Russo went on record to say he doesn’t care about passing Avatar at the box office, and while “the #1 movie of all-time” is a nice bragging right, most at Marvel are probably content “settling” for second place.

Next week’s dates will precede the opening of Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Far from Home.” Though it will be released by Sony (it opens July 2), the story and some characters overlap with “Endgame.” So the effort will include some possible residual benefit for that release.

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