Avengers: Endgame: Robert Downey Jr refuses to give Captain America’s shield back

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Robert Downey Jr. has been aggressively promoting the forthcoming ‘Avengers: Endgame’. It’s a culmination of over 20 Marvel movies and wraps up 10 years of storytelling. The movie’s global press tour is in full swing following its big L.A. press conference this week.

RDJ, took to his Instagram to share video, in which the Captain America shield is placed in the background. The actor, however, confesses that he would return it back to Captain America.

How Tony Got Captain’s Shield?

We all saw when Captain America (Chris Evans) gave up his prestigious shield to Tony Stark aka the Iron Man. Yes, we went emotional and heartfelt about the tussle war between our two favorite superheroes. Well, it seems that the shield made out of the Wakanda steel is still in Tony Stark’s custody.

However, the sad news is, he is still not ready to give it back to its original owner. Robert Downey Jr. shared a funny video on Instagram and we are not liking the idea of it.

Stark and Cap are two of the universe’s trinity (the other one being Thor). Many are looking forward to them burying the hatchet for one specific goal – defeat Thanos and Avenge those who have fallen after The Decimation. Alongside their inevitable reunion is also the notion that Cap will finally reacquire his shield after going without it in Infinity War.

Rogers may just have it if Stark hands it back in time for their upcoming fight with Thanos in Endgame. Downey makes sure to poke fun at the situation via a short social media video.


RDJ’s Instagram page is a visual delight for his millions of followers as the actor is keeping the fans equipped with some behind-the-scenes videos.

Whether it be his dance breaks or starting a boyband with his Avengers mates, Robert’s Instagram page is absolutely unmissable. In the recent IG post, RDJ is seen standing in front of Captain America’s giant shield. “I’m thinking, I probably have to give that back to him one day. Not today,” RDJ quipped during the video.

Fans know from the official footage released for Endgame that Cap will have his shield back. The second trailer showed him tightening the grips of the shield.

He gets engaged in an intense battle in what looks like a dystopian backdrop. Considering that the film plays with timelines and perhaps may even have non-linear storytelling.

It has become difficult to pinpoint when he would use the shield. All that being said, for the sake of dramatic storytelling, it would be better for fans to actually see Stark personally giving back Cap’s shield.

It would be a powerful moment between the two especially considering the fact that Steve intentionally lied about knowing that the Starks’ death was no accident.

The anticipation for the Avengers: Endgame is sky high and the wait seems a never-ending pain! We sincerely hope that RDJ aka Tony Stark returns the shield back to Captain America. After all, it is a fight against the super-villain Thanos.

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