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Avengers: Endgame Thor is Becoming the Hot Cosplay Choice at Comic-Cons

Crish hemsworth on a leave

Avengers: Endgame was a massive three-hour film that brought plenty of change to the heroes we’ve come to know and love over the past decade.

Thor’s Fat Look

The epic movie starts with the Avengers heading towards past to track down Thanos. They collected the Infinity Stones again and reverse the Thanos’s Snap.


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The end was merely for many characters including the main villain — Thanos.

Time Jump was the main event of Endgame. The initial five-year jump shows, Thor lost his brother and a slew of friends in one fell swoop.

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He’s found by the remaining Avengers, hidden away in a hoarder’s dream house with greasy hair and a big beer belly.

One of the biggest shocks fans had when watching Avengers: Endgame, The God of Thunder, Thor had a massive change in his physical appearance.

While his look was by and large practices with the introduction of prosthetics thanks to Legacy Effects, one visual effects vendor was tasked with helping make Thor’s new body as real as possible.

Fans’ reaction was obvious when they saw this unfortunate turn of events unfold on the movie screen before them.

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Some took this as a joke, while others felt bad took it personally. Some fond it insulting to people who have bodies that look more like Endgame Thor’s – not the usual ripped Thor.

We saw Thor’s fellow team was also kept repeatedly ridicule and belittle him for his appearance, and specifically his weight.

Fans took an actual sigh of relief when they discover that Thor was still able to wield his hammer, half-convinced that the writers would treat his newfound physique like it makes him unworthy of his powers.

Thor’s Cosplay at Comic-Cons

Comicbook.com’s Adam Barnhardt wrote about Thor’s transformation, which you can read here.

Social media flooded with funny photos of Thor’s new appearance in Avengers: Endgame. Some weird users from Reddit to Twitter posted their Lebowski Thor looks, garnering tons of attention from fellow Marvel fans.

Capitalizing on the popularity of Fat Thor have been a growing amount of cosplayers, and we can attest to having seen them.

In fact, if we had to name the most commonly donned costume this past weekend at Motor City Comic Con, it’d be the portly Asgardian. Here are some of the best Thor costumes floating around the Internet…

Endgame was initially thought to be Hemsworth’s Marvel swansong, but he recently revealed that he would be open to returning. At last, the movie appeared to indicate that he could join the Guardians of the Galaxy in their upcoming threequel.

Hemsworth told Ellen: “This is Marvel’s phase three wrapping up a culmination of all this journey.

Currently, no MCU films have been officially announced beyond Spider-Man: Far From Home, out in July. Guardians 3, Black Widow and Shang-Chi, however, are in talks and is being in production.

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