Avengers Endgame Trailer Was More about Promoting ‘Captain Marvel’

Captain Marvel

The most astonishing part about yesterday’s sudden release of the new teaser for Avengers: Endgame was that it was unannounced. Like every other movie, Marvel didn’t inform us a day before the trailer’s release and suddenly caught us by surprise. Surely Marvel knows that people love more what they aren’t expecting. Without any warning, Walt Disney released the second (and possibly last) teaser trailer for Avengers 4.

Similar to the first trailer, this trailer was also a bit mysterious as to how the film might turn out. It was unclear and gave very little idea for us to guess what might happen in the film.

If Marvel keeps this mystery until the official release date, it’s certain to turn the hype level to a maximum. With no idea of what may happen, we’ll all be walking in theatres thinking that this is the end. Without being able to guess, some might expect the Endgame to end everything or start a new beginning for our heroes.

There are two main reasons behind Endgame being extremely mysterious. The first reason, which is pretty obvious, is to avoid giving away any plot details. Over the past films, fans have gotten quite extreme on guessing the plot scene through the images in the trailer. Marvel has executed this plan, of not giving any hints about the movie, before as well.

For example, Chris Nolan’s Dark Knight films and in Disney’s Star Wars films 1 & 2. In these films, fans had no idea what they’re walking into as they witnessed the plot unfold. If this works, Endgame will be in the list of films destined to become blockbusters even without exclusive pre-marketing campaigns.

The second reason was to promote Captain Marvel rather than marketize Avengers: Endgame.

The promotion of Captain Marvel is why the trailer dropped on 15th. Even though Endgame has six weeks in its official release, still they took no time in releasing the second trailer. By doing so, they reminded everyone about how enjoyable Captain Marvel was. It also reminded those who still haven’t seen Captain Marvel to finally got and watch it.

The final scene in the trailer is what really did the job. It also teased us about something to go on in between Thor and Carol. As for the directors, they were given the opening weeks’ time to gather the fame they could from Captain Marvel. After letting Ryan and Anna have some time in the spotlight, it’s time for the new Endgame trailer to do its magic.

Marvel recently used this promotion technique for Black Panther. Marvel promoted Black Panther by featuring T’Challa and his kingdom of Wakanda in Infinity War. Although Infinity War released ten weeks after Black Panther, Avengers: Endgame will release just 7 weeks after Captain Marvel. Therefore, indeed it would’ve been a shocker to not see the recent box office queen in the Endgame trailer.

As for the current MCU heroes, we can assume that it’s really the end of the line for them. As we heard in the trailer “remember the beginning before we witness the end” it could mean the end for Iron Man, Thor, Hawkey & Captain America.

We’ll know by Sunday if the film could score up to $400 billion domestically or not. Moreover, the film also has a pretty good chance of scoring $1 billion worldwide easily. To put in a nutshell, the reason for the sudden release of the trailer was to keep Captain Marvel at the top for now. In that case, mission successful!

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