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Avengers Might Have Caused More Chaos When They Reversed the Snap


Mark Ruffalo as Hulk in Avengers Endgame

Thinking about the intensity of Snap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity War and Endgame can be a headache. Yet fans can dive deep into the events that brought the dusty people back to life. According to some people, backlash caused more significant problems.
Does Snap reversal create an overpopulation problem?

As usual, Reddit users pick up on things like this. Someone started a thread recently highlighting this: When the Avengers reversed the Snap, the world went from 3.5 billion people to 7 billion people in just a few minutes.

The thread has sparked a curious debate about what kind of chaos would have been caused on our planet. The food supply was definitely a problem unless the Avengers somehow considered the Snap Reversal. Not to mention that these dusty people have missed nearly five years on Earth while the rest of the people have lived those.

The Problem of Acclimating People Returning to Life

The Endgame left fans wondering how everyone in the community would be allowed to return to life. Set aside resource issues and think about how those people will return to normal. Many need to find jobs and places to live again.

There is also plenty to explore on a psychological and social level. The idea of ​​mourning someone dying and seeing them alive five years later should not be ignored. Plus, people moved on to new relationships or looked after other families in terms of children.

These Post-Snap Themes Might Be Addressed

When The Falcon and Winter Soldier launches this August, some of the issues that follow this Snap may be resolved. Based on some preview footage, they appear to be a state of normalcy when people participate in events.

Then again, things are probably not what they seem. While the show appears to explore racial issues with Sam Wilson fighting for the Captain America title, the condition of the world can also be seen.

Those who are curious about whether it is worth the trouble to bring them back to the troubled land may finally have answers.

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