Avengers Writers Reveal If Thanos Could Have Accidentally Snapped Himself Out of Existence

Recently, the screenwriters of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame were asked a question, the answer to which is something fans have been curious about ever since the movies released.

The question was, “Could Thanos have snapped his existence as well when he wiped out half of all life in the universe using the Infinity Stones?”

What Was the Climax of The Movie?

During the climax of Infinity War, Thanos used the six different Infinity Stones to wipe out half of all life in the universe by snapping his fingers.

Although it is generally assumed that the victims of the Mad Titan were randomly selected, there are still questions and confusions revolving around the fact whether the purple-colored oppressor excluded himself intentionally or if he was willing to put his own life in danger for the sake of justice.

What Do the Screenwriters Have to Say About It?

Co-writers of the films Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus believe that there is no complete surety if Thanos was in danger of snapping himself out of existence.

Markus stated in an interview that Thanos probably chose not to include himself among the probable victims of his snap.

McFeely, on the other hand, believes that he may have been lucky enough to be among the other fifty percent population who survived the snap.

The Possibilities:

The two writers, though, think its best for fans to decide for themselves as to what exactly happened to Thanos post the snap.

When we come to think of it, the villain’s plan would be as good as useless if he turned into dust at the end of the Infinity War.

This is mostly because with the Mad Titan now gone, the Infinity Stones, as well as the Infinity Gauntlet, would have been simply there for the Avengers to reverse the snap.

Instead, Thanos lived just long enough to be able to destroy the Stones and could have then let himself be killed towards the start of the next Avengers movie, in Wakanda, three weeks after he performed the Snap.

He accomplished what he wanted to, after which he let the heroes kill him.

To see what happens next, you can watch Avengers: Endgame digitally, which will also be available on Blu-ray from August 13th onwards.

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