Battle Game In 5 Seconds Episode 4 Preview and Leaks

Battle Game in 5 seconds episode 4

Here are the leaks for Battle Game In 5 seconds Episode 4. The episode will air on August 4.

In the previous episodes, Akira is dragged into a game by a mysterious person, Mion. Mion explains the rules of the game. Also, the rules are dangerous and the stakes are high.

The new rules will have serious effects on Akira. Several others are also dragged into the game. Akira fights against Madoka and wins the battle. With the win, Akira sets himself to be a contender.  Akira is intelligent and takes a pragmatic approach.

Akira’s ability is Sophist which allows him to become everything as long as his opponent (or partner) believes that he is. Akira is still distrustful of the other participants. So he lies to everyone that he can turn his hand into a cannon.

This lie helps him hide his real ability while also allowing him to use it to its full extent. However, Mion learns about this peculiar talent that Akira possesses. Also, Mion is planning to make things go worse.

Battle Game in 5 Seconds Episode 4 will cover:

  • The battle between Madoka and Zokumyoin continues. Zokumyion manages to keep him at a distance.
  • Madoka knows that he can easily defeat her so he asks her to surrender. Zokumyion also knows she only has 19 marbles left.
  • However, she refuses and goes on an all-out attack. Madoka dodges every ball. Turns out she is trying to surround him which Madoka regards as useless.
  • However, he lets his guard down and Zokumyion manages to corner him and eventually distract him from her actual purpose.
  • She manages to get a pachinko ball underneath him. She enlarges it and defeats Madoka.

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