Best Anime To Watch On Disney+

Since the debut of the Disney+ platform in 2019, the monolithic streaming service has consistently added a variety of television shows, miniseries, and films to its library. Here is everything you need to know about the best anime to watch on Disney+.

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Summer Time RenderingSummer Time Rendering

When it comes to supernatural thrillers, Disney+’s selection is fairly thin. However, anime such as Summer Time Rendering does a great job of adding depth to the genre. This beautifully animated title depicts the journey of Shinpei Ajiro, as he attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the death of his adopted sister, Ushio.

Shinpei is told that his sister died in a drowning-related accident. But after discovering strangle marks around her neck, he begins to question what really happened. With the help of Ushio’s closest friends, Shinpei fights against strange forces to uncover the secrets behind the death of his sister.

Attack On TitanAttack On Titan

Disney has acquired the streaming rights to a slew of anime’s biggest titles. Yet none have been as big a commercial success as the acclaimed hit, Attack on Titan. Attack on Titan’s haunting enemies, top-notch animation, and memorable characters are some of Shonen’s best.

Although its mature themes are far different from those seen in Disney+’s kid-friendly programming, the series’ overall tone is a much-needed change of pace for the platform.


Many anime use supernatural antagonists to create conflict. But in a refreshing change of pace, Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall instead relies on a much more tangible threat: rogue AI. When an artificial intelligence program named Artemis rebels against humanity, the series’ eponymous protagonist must use her skills to stop its rampage.

Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall is a fantastic trip down memory lane. While the series appeals to nostalgia a bit often for new viewers. Its pleasing art style and enjoyable soundtrack do more than enough to fill in the gaps.

Star Wars: VisionsStar Wars: Visions

Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars property has yielded mixed results. But in regard to their ongoing project, Star Wars: Visions, they’ve clearly found great success. The series was created with the goal of offering new, diverse interpretations of the franchise by utilizing a variety of international animation studios.

Star Wars: Visions’ first season comprises nine anime short films, each produced by a different Japanese animation company. These studios range from well-established to up-and-coming, which helps Star Wars: Visions appeal to an even wider range of anime watchers.

My Hero AcademiaMy Hero Academia

Few anime series have ever reached the same level of commercial success as My Hero Academia. The superhero-laden shonen is one of the 25 highest-selling manga of all time. Its anime adaptation has been positively received by international audiences around the world.

In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of Earth’s population enjoys some sort of superpower in the series. However, its protagonist, Izuku Midoriya, is part of the 20% of humanity that doesn’t have any power. It leads him to follow his own path as he strives to become the World’s Number One Hero.

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