Best Five Anime News Websites To Get Trending News From

It’s unfortunate how little news sites there are catering to the anime community, especially considering how established the anime industry is.

Aside from a small handful of websites which will be listed in this article, there really is a lack of reliable, well known anime news sites.

And you are probably aware of this problem too if sites such as ANN is the only one you’re heard of. Well, without further ado, read this article to get our list of five anime news sites worth recommending!


Source: Crunchyroll News Official Page

We know that Crunchyroll is the most popular site for streaming anime, aside from Funimation. The other thing is that Crunchyroll also publishes anime news daily. This is a service that Funimation doesn’t provide at all.

If you want to be up to date with all the latest anime shows, and also get a preview of the latest episodes at the same time, CR is the top legal site to visit!

Anime News Network

Anime News Network (ANN) probably doesn’t need any introduction as this is one of the oldest, well known and established news sites for the anime community.

They publish dozens of articles, come up with interesting posts, trending news and even reviews consistently. They produce more than enough content within the span of a week itself to last you a month.

Without a doubt, there is no other more reliable site than ANN if you want ‘the full package’ when it comes to anime news.

Otaku Kart

Otaku Kart does not really publish as much anime news compared to ANN, CR, or other websites.

However, amidst their other entertainment content and recommendations, they also do produce a decent amount of anime news.

Most of their anime news focus on the massively popular shows such as Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Naruto and My Hero Academia.

Their anime news are usually related to theoretical posts, spoilers, ‘what if’ posts, and topics along those lines.

Anime News & Facts

Anime News & Facts is a website that caters to the latest manga news, reviews of anime episodes, anime news and everything in between. They are based out of India.

It is one of the very few anime news sites coming out of India that has an English-speaking website. This is great as most other sites are inaccessible for people who can’t get past the language barrier.

This is the usual issue with Japanese sites in general as well.

Anime News & Facts is definitely worth checking out if you want the latest reviews of trending anime shows, and some tidbits of news in addition.

UK Anime Network

Source: UK Anime Network Official Page

UK Anime Network has been well known as an established site for quite a long time within the anime community.

From among the various anime websites on the internet worldwide, this is one of the oldest and most consistent sites. Especially catering to the UK anime fanbase.

If you live in the UK and are searching for a dedicated anime news site, you’ll definitely find it to be helpful in keeping up to date with the latest happenings in the anime world.

Just don’t expect tons of daily anime content as provided by the bigger sites such as Crunchyroll or ANN.

An honorable mention would be the site Random Curiosity. It has not been included in the list because although it provides anime news, it is not entirely committed to simply anime news.

The site deals more heavily with anime reviews. They are super consistent with publishing content on a daily basis so make sure to check it out!

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